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ALAT BANTU SEX WOMAN DOLL FULL BODY was Alat Bantu Sex stuffed full body that has a height of 165 cm, stuffed at the pump and dikempeskan, Vagina equipped with a vibrator, always ready to be used for male sexual purposes. Silicone vagina can be removed and installed on the body of the doll.

At this alat bantu sex (DOLL FULL BODY FEMALE) consists of: dolls, vaginator and pumps. Vibrator use 2 AA batteries. Volume weight = 5 kg. Available dolls with hair colors yellow and black.

Alat bantu sex PACKAGE CONTENTS:

     1 Fruit Stuffed Full Body
     1 Fruit Vagina Silicon
     1 Fruit Electric Tool
     1 Fruit Jelly lubricants
     1 Fruit Pumps Wind


     Cardboard 45 cm high
     Cardboard width 20 cm
     165 cm tall doll
     Volume weight of 4 kg.
     Vibrator use 2 AA batteries.


     To Maintain Cleanliness and attention before and after use.
     Should be used for their own or worn only for one person only.
     Clean with liquid anti-bacterial shampoo or liquid before and after use, in order to awake kebesihannya and free from bacteria.
     Then wipe with a towel or tissue.
     Keep the device back in its case to be free of bacteria.
     Store in not exposed to direct sunlight.
     So ready for the next use.
     So it went on.

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