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Sabtu, 31 Mei 2014

How to Use Plus VITERNA komboran

How to Use Plus VITERNA komboran is by mixing the concentrate feed or other feed to dose : 1 bottle cap VITERNA to about 5 kg of feed .Giving suggested since the age of duck starter ( 1minggu ) until production or produce eggs .Example Feeding Patterns
Seasonbet77 Agen Bola Resmi Promo 100% SBOBET IBCBET Sambut Piala Dunia 2014records ; general pattern of feeding during infancy increases every week , weight-adjusted ducks . As a rule , increase in the recommended feed about 15 grams / week / tail . So in week 9 of feed given as much as 615 grams / week / tail , until the 24th week of 840 grams / week / tail . Or ration feeding done 2 times a day , at 09.00 and at 14.00 .
Disease controlThe first action performed on laying ducks maintenance effort is to prevent the outbreak of disease in livestock .Some preventive measures are as follows :

Land that is used to maintain laying ducks must be free of communicable diseases .
Cages and ponds must be strong , safe and free of disease . If the former is used cages of ducks that have been attacked by the disease , quite dicucihamakan cages with disinfectant , then left for some time . If the former duck enclosure healthy enough to be washed with plain water .
Ducks new entry should be added to the quarantine enclosure used with special treatment . Ducks are thought to contain germs fur should be bathed with a solution of carbolic soap , Neguvon , Bacticol Pour , Triatek or granade 5 % EC with a concentration of 4.5 grams / 3 liters of water . To remove a tick , ducks can also be bathed 3-6 berkontrasi Asuntol solution gram/3liter water .
Not pursued cage moist and free of puddles . High humidity and stagnant water can be used as a growing medium of germs and perkembangbiakanya .
Do vaccinated regularly . Vaccination is intended to prevent the outbreak of disease by viruses .
Setting the right cage density . High- density cages can lead to various diseases .
Cleanliness and freshness of the food must be maintained . Do not give stale feed the ducks / ducks . Feed should be stored in dry, free from mildew and musty odors .
Some of the diseases that can attack laying ducks are :

Parasitic diseases ( dysentery , intestinal worms ) Situs Judi Poker Online Terbaik Terpercaya    Bacterial diseases ( salmonellosis , cholera , poisoning , leg swelling , pasteurellosis , corryza / runny nose , snoring , coccidiosis )
Disease Virus ( Smallpox , Hepatitis Ducks )
Other diseases caused by fungi ( pneumonia , afloktosikosis )

Rabu, 28 Mei 2014

Benefits of Swallow's Nest

Benefits of Swallow's NestMany are wondering what the benefits actually swallow nest that is in great demand all over the world . People do not mind paying a high price in order to obtain swiftlet nests . Raising even swallow so encouraged today because coAgen Casino Onlinemmodity exports is very high economic value .
Originally , this nest was made in mountainous areas , precisely in the caves . It was very reasonable considering that's where the habitats of these animals . They make nests in hidden places . But since hunted swallow nest , of course , although many are looking for their nest is in a difficult place to find.
Therefore , it is not uncommon nest hunters must have died while being harvested . Due to the high degree of difficulty , it is more expensive than home-cooked bird's nest that was deliberately cultivated .
Swallow cultivation is usually done by a family or company who accidentally falls in this business . Swallow nests are easily found at drug stores or markets of Chinatown . It's called the clean swiftlet nests , nests are ready to be cooked . There is also the so-called dirty bird's nest .
The nest is usually sold in special packaging or weighed per kilo . This nest prominent benefits are twofold. First , as a food to be long-lived and powerful drug . Second , swallow nest was used as one of the powerful drug raw materials at a fantastic price . It becomes very tempting for many people , especially men .
However , recently something happened that is
Agen Judi Bolaless encouraging for people who jump in this business . Bird's nest is experiencing significant price declines that are not as booming first . It turned out the be the outcome after allowing for continued research on the benefits of this nest .
The results of the laboratory in several major countries reveals that the nest is not sebombastis echoed over the years. Vitamin vitamins in it is just standard no greater usefulness of the content in the tuna .

Rabu, 14 Mei 2014

let yellow corn

let yellow corn
seeds arranged in rows along the beautiful sodek
sodek between 5-8 cm long and 1-
Investasi1.5 cm in diameter
sodek caused no disability at perosak or mechanical .
berkeadaan uniform shape and fresh .- Overlapping shifts ( Multiple Cropping ) , performed in succession throughout the year taking into account other factors for maximum benefit .- Plants have an insert ( Relay Cropping ) : by inserting one / several types of crops other than maize . For example, when corn before harvest beans inserted .- Plant Mixed ( Mixed Cropping ) : planting consists of several plant and grow without spacing or larikannya set . In this pattern of land efficient , but risky to pests and diseases .2 ) Hole Making PlantPlanting hole made ​​with a drill
Jasa SEO Terbaik depth of 3-5 cm , each hole filled with 1 grain seed . Spacing adapted to harvesting . Corn aged ≥  100 days a spacing of 40 x 100 cm ( 2 plants / hole ) . jagung.berumur 80-100 days , the planting distance of 25 x 75 cm ( 1 plant / hole ) . While corn . age < 80 days , a spacing of 20 x 50 cm ( 1 plant / hole ) .Table 2 . Spacing and Population Corn Per Hectarevarieties

Minggu, 04 Mei 2014


Including earthworms hermaphroditic Situs Judi Poker Online Terbaik Terpercaya animals, which have male genitalia and female in one body. However, for fertilization, can not do for himself. A pair of mating earthworms, each will produce a cocoon that contains eggs. Cocoon-shaped oval and measures approximately 1/3 big head matches. This cocoon is placed in damp areas. Within 14-21 days to cocoon hatch. Each cocoon will result tail 2-20, median 4 tails. An estimated 100 worms can produce 100,000 worms within 1 year. Earthworms began to mature after the age of 2-3 months were marked by a bracelet (klitelum) on the front of the body. For 7-10 days after mating will produce 1 adult worm cocoon.

Stage is no less important in the cultivation of earthworms this is maintenance, the maintenance of good growth earthworms will maksimaldan quickly. The maintenance that needs to be done is:

Provision Feed


Earthworms were fed once a day and night as much weight earthworms planted. If planted 1 Kg, then the feed should be given also to be 1 Kg. In general, earthworms feed is in the form of all animal waste, except for the dirt that is only used as a medium.
Things to consider in feeding on earthworms, among others:
feed given should be used as a powder or slurry by means of blended
average feed porridge sprinkled on top of the media, but does not cover the entire surface of the media, about 2-3 of the crate containers are not dusted feed.
the feed is covered with plastic, sacks,
The next feeding, if the remaining feed earlier, should be stirred and reduced the amount of feed given. Slurry feed to be given to the earthworm has a water ratio of 1:1.