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Selasa, 25 Maret 2014

Those are some things you need

Those are some things you need to know so that you can get a job easily. Hopefully with no effort and belief in yourself, you can easily get a job that suits your skills.

create a true CV 3. Making the right CV
At the moment there
Pulau Tidung is no time to spare, use them to do things that are useful. For example, create a CV that is true. You can find information from books or social media on how to create a CV that is true. If you already know, then make the CV as attractive as possible in order to be called to perform the test. 4. Build connections
If you never get the desired job, then you need to build great connections with other people or relatives. Make sure you are dealing with people who can give you the opportunity to get a job. 5. Utilizing social media
Currently looking for a job not only of the existing vacancies in the newspaper. However, you have been very easy to search for jobs in social media. You can join on one site and sign up to join him. That way, you can get a job as desired. 6. Build self-confidence
Do not forget also to build confidence. Self-confidence is very necessary when you take the test next job interview. To build confidence, you are advised to socialize or conduct discussions with competent people. In addition, understand
Pulau Pramuka well how to attract the attention of the interviewer to be accepted work. 7. Being a freelancer
If you never get a permanent job, then there's nothing wrong with being a freelancer in advance. Almost all companies impose such a system. If on-site freelance company saw its potential, then you may be appointed on a permanent basis.
That's a quick way to get a job. It would be nice to stay active and rapidly expanding in order to get the desired job. Take advantage of free time who owned it for positive activities to support your future career. (NR)

Kamis, 20 Maret 2014

BENEFIT PLANT cat whiskers

BENEFIT PLANT cat whiskersLeaves wet or dry cat whiskers used as medicines . Judi Bola Online  In Indonesia, the leaves dry which is used ( crude drug ) as a drug that expedite expenditure of urine ( diuretic ) , while in India For treating rheumatism . Community use cat whiskers as traditional medicine as a cough cure rheumatism , colds and constipation . Besides, the leaves of this plant are also useful untu treatment of kidney inflammation , kidney stones , diabetes , albuminuria , and disease syphilis .
4 . PLANTING CENTER cat whiskersUntil now , many cats whiskers cultivation centers exist in Java . Both in lowland and highland .
5 . GROWTH CONDITIONS cat whiskers

Climate .
Rainfall which is ideal for the growth of this plant is over 3,000 mm / year .
With full sun with no shade . Shade will reduce levels of leaf extract .
The state of the air temperature both for the growth of plants that are heat to medium .
Growing Media
This plant can be easily grown in farms , to production should be chosen freeholder loose, fertile , many containing humus / organic matter with water and air that system either .
Andosol Land & aquaculture Latosol very good to make cat whiskers .
Altitude : The altitude optimum plant cat's whiskers 500-1200 m above sea level . [ TERMS OF GROWTH cat whiskers ]

Cultivation Method Cats WhiskerCultivation Method Cats Whisker
6 . RAISING GUIDELINES cat whiskers6.1 . Nurseries

Seed Preparation : How the most easy and plain is the cat's whiskers in order to develop vegetative
Pulau Pramuka propagation of cuttings with stems / branches . The plant material was taken from the clump that normal growth , lush and healthy .
Select the trunk / branches that are not too old or young and woody .
Cut the stem with a sharp knife / scissors to trim that clean .
Cut the stem into cuttings measuring 15-20 cm jointed 2-3 .
Discard most of the leaves For reduce water evaporation .
The seedlings needs For 1 acre with spacing 40 x 40 cm is needed 50000-62500 cuttings / ha . Seed Seeding Technique : Cuttings can be planted directly in the garden or planted first production in the nursery . In the nursery cuttings are planted with a spacing of 10x10 cm . Who still fresh cuttings planted directly in soil that has been cultivated as deep as 20 cm . After that watered 1-2 times a day depending on the weather and the rain that fell . If necessary nursery shade shaded with transparent plastic or straw / dried leaves . Once new shoots arise , seed production was moved to the garden ..6.2 . Media Processing Plant

Preparation : 30-40 cm cultivated soil , weeds  and other plants discarded . Once processed , the land was left 15 days .
Formation of Beds : Making beds made ​​after the second tillage which is demolishing chunks of land on which the first ground processing to get that crumb structure and friable soil . At the time of land preparation is also recommended giving both basic form of fertilizer or manure compost as much as 50-60 tons per hectare during the same time making beds . The pile is made ​​as wide as 100-120 cm height 30 cm and 40-50 cm spacing between beds . Length adjustable beds with the purposes and land
Fertilizer ( before planting ) : Make the
Pulau Tidung planting hole measuring 30x30x30 cm with a spacing of 40 x 60 cm . Enter as much as 2.4 to 3.2 kg of manure / soil hole and cover the hole . Mix the soil beds with 15-20 kg / ha of cow manure .

Minggu, 16 Maret 2014

Allergy problems should not be taken lightly

Allergy problems should not be taken lightly . If allergies are not addressed they can lead to complications in which the SOCCERINDO AGEN BOLA ONLINE WORLD CUP 2014 swelling of the nasal passages and eustachian tube leading to the ear , causing a secondary infection of the sinuses or middle ear problems and the formation of asthma .
* By : adp insect fossil is examined further , it turns out there is pollen in it . The insect fossils estimated age of 100 million years . So it is expected that the pollen of the same age .
During the end of Creta period ( Cretaceous Period ) associated with the estimated time of the discovery of the fossil, thought to flowering plants began to diversify ( development of various species ) , especially replacing conifer group that dominated at that time .
According to Carmen Soriano , the researcher who discovered the fossil, it is the process of pollination oldest ever known and the only one in the dinosaur age . Co - evolution of flowering plants and insects is an exam Agen Judi, Agen Judi Bola, Agen Bola Online, Agen SBObet Terpercaya ple of a success story of the evolution process .
Rock amber containing insects were found at a site in northern Spain and successfully raised her picture with synchrotron techniques at the European Synchrotron Radiation Facility ( ESRF ) in Grenoble , France . This discovery is the discovery of two species at the same time called thrips Gymnospollisthrips G. major and minor .
The insect is very small , only 2 millimeter in length , especially when compared with the other animals in his day were average sized .
Note the photo above . Looks pollen found on the surface of the insect 's body . According to researchers the pollen comes from a group fern plants Haji ( Cycas ) or Ginko biloba still exists today .3.LAkukan blansir ( blanching ) by means mengisuk fruit pieces for 5 minutes or by soaking hot water ( - + 80 ` C ) during 3menit.jika processed citrus fruit or soursop is then the process is not necessary blansir
4.Pembuatan yyaitu fruit pulp with mem - blender piece of fruit that has been in blansir , to orange using a lemon squeezer
5.Saringlah fruit pulp obtained , can be helped with the pressing , so that the filtrate ( fruit juice ) obtained yyang more

KAISARBET.COM AGEN BOLA TERPERCAYA PIALA DUNIA 20146.Tambahkan Dextrin ( maltodextrin ) some two thirds of the volume of juice obtained as filler ( Filler ) ang binding berpungsi fruit aromas and flavors while dikeringkan.Gunakan dextrinyyang has a value of DE ( Dextrin Equivalent ) Low ( DE 10-15 ) that powder obtained durable ( not easily clot )
Egg white 7.Tmbahkan number of _ +2 % A mixture of the above ( 20 gm to 1 kg of fruit ) , stirring until done stirring rata.Selanjutnya ( homohenisasi ) with a mixer until foamy .
8.Tuang into the pan , spread out thinly , then dry in an oven at a temperature of 55-65 ` C until dry ( _ +6 - 8 hours )
9.Lempengan thin juice that has been dried and then crushed with a blender , but if you want the size of coarse it does not need to be blended , in order to smooth uniform size then Perli in sifter
10.Tambbahkan sugar / refined sugar as much as half of the amount of pollen produced
11.Penambahan citric acid ( Citric Acid / Citroen Zuur ) , for each number of each type of fruit is different , for example, to orange / sour
Gudang303 Agen Bola Resmi Promo 100% SBOBET IBCBET Jelang Piala Dunia 2014sop - +8 grm.Mangga guava - + 6grm , melon - + 5grm.Campur dry ( mixing ) , all so flat / .Agar fruit pollen obtained more durable ( not fast agglomerate preferably milling process / development blenderan , sifting , mixing in a dry and well sejuk.lebih in air conditioned )

Jumat, 14 Maret 2014

miraha kulaylaha Indonesian in ay ubaxyada ku beeran dayrka . Ma aha oo kaliya on dalka , laakiin sidoo kale dherya


y ku caag ah ama durbaanka . Haddii lagu beeray dhulka, oo sarajooggeeduna wuxuu ka gaari karin 6.5-7.5 m . Si kastaba ha ahaatee , haddii koray oo dheryay ku , dhirta waxaa lagu kursi ay karo by sare oo keliya gaaraya 2-3 m .

Waxaa jira noocyo badan oo aad u fiican oo miro taas oo sii socdaba . Waxaa Wac Rapiah iyo Binjai . Labada nooc la doortay maxaa yeelay waxay ahayd macaan iyo ngelotok .
Xuquuqda deegaanka , waxqabadka fiicanDeegaanka ma kaalin muhiim ah in ay soo saaraan waxqabadka fiican rambutan . Haboonba , rambutan koray meelaha sare ah 30-500 m heerka badda . At altitudes ka yartahay 30 m ASL , rambutan koraan karaa , laakiin ma aha natiijada sidaas wanaagsan . Heerkulka daarmayaay'e ee 20-35 º C. The la doonayo The xoojinta oo roob u dhaxeysa 1500-2500 mm / sannad iyo siman sanadka oo dhan .Qoyaan jeceshahay socotaa in la yar yahay , sababtoo ah inta badan koray dalkii dooxada ahaa , iyo dhex-dhexaad . Xaalad Air leh qoyaan yar yahay iyo uumiga biyaha oo liita ku haboon warshad rambutan koritaanka . Qoraxda iftiinkeeda waa saabsan meesha la beero oo dhan ilaa qorraxdhaca qorrax dhaca , iftiinka qoraxda xoojinta waa si dhow la xiriira in ay heerkulka ka . La'aanta iftiinka qorraxdu wuxuu keeni karaa hoos u dhac in dhalid ama ka yar kaamil ah ( flat ) .Xeebeedka ee dheriyo
Wixii tabulampot , isticmaali geedo rambutan caafimaad qabaXeebeedka ee dheriyo inta badan ku dhufan miro rambutan , xitaa afkalqaad at dhan ama ka hor fruiting u dhinta . Dhirta Rambutan oo dheryay ku ahaantii soo saari kartaa miro , iyo inta aanu ognahay sida haboon ee farsamooyin beerashada .Halkan waxa ku jira marxaladaha kala duwan ee beerto dalagyada rambutan oo dheryay ku .dheriga AasaasidaWeelasha waxaa loo isticmaalaa durbaanada waa size a halkii weyn oo noqon , maxaa yeelay le'eg oo farcankii reer sidoo kale waa halkii waaweyn . Tusaale ahaan , geedo rambutan 60-75 cm Binjai , waa in aad isticmaasho foostadii leh dhexroor ah oo ku saabsan 50-60 cm . Saldhig of foostadii waa in ay ahaataa godad yar yar , ka dibna la siiyaa waslad bulukeeti ama block waraabinta baxa dheecaan sidaas xejiyaan . Amarka waxaa ka mid ah waxyaabaha uu foostadii ka hor laga beerto dhexdhexaad ah waa :

Kursus SEO dan Internet Marketing Terbaik di Jakarta
Geli Oo lebenkii ay jabtay si hoose ee kor u durbaan in ay afar meelood meel ee foostadii ku .
On top of eggareeyaa , lakabka ah ee buuxin liigniin ama humus ama caleemo qallalan .
Geli meeshii digada, ilaa 2 cm ee dibinta ee qoridiisu . Ku fur ilaa xad qoyan .
Diyaari warbaahinta kordhayaBeerto dhexdhexaad ah beeritaanka oo dheryay ku leeyahay kala duwanaansho badan oo . Tusaale ahaan , isku dar ah ee ciidda dabacsan , ciid , iyo digada xoolaha ee saamiga 5 : 1 : 2 . Waxa kale oo jira isku dar ah ee digada , ciid , iyo buunshaha in saamiga 1 : 1 : 1 . Other isku darka warbaahinta la beero noqon kara dhulka iyo digada xoolaha ee saamiga 1 : 2 , ama isku dar ah ee buunshaha iyo ciid in saamiga 1 : 1 . Haboonba , dhexdhexaad ah beerto ee lagu darayaa sunta cayayaanka ee Furadan 3 G 100 g / durbaanada si looga hortago cayayaanka .Geedo beerto ee dheriyo

Mayr sii kordhaya warbaahinta ee polybag ah , ka dibna halakeeyeen , iyo ka saari abuur ah oo ciid .
Buruun xididdada , caleemaha , iyo laamo ah marka dheer u eegay .
Dalooli warbaahinta qaabaynta dalool foostadii size ee seedling xididka .
Add Asili bacriminta , oo cabirku yahay 15 : 15 : 15 , wadarta guud ee 100 garaam , walaaq ilaa helna .
Geli abuur ah godka ku yaal qoridiisu . Qasabada ciidda si tartiib ah salka ahaa farcankii .
Ku fur ilaa xad qoyan .
Balse wakhti , gelin bacda daboolka hufan caag ah iyo rid ah ee hooska . Haddii la sii kordhaya caleemaha cusub , ka saar furka
Isbitaal midho-dhal
Si aad miro ku dadaala , waa in rambutan waxaa lagu sugiDaryeel u Ba'an at rambutan tabulampot wax waraabiyana , scarify , bacarimiso , iyo manjooyin .In xilliga uu dhulku qalalan , waraabinta waa lagama maarmaan . Haddii la isticmaalayo biyaha tuubada , oo sida caadiga ah ku jira chlorine , marka hore habeennimada sidaa loo dayo endapkan , iyo splashed oo kaliya maalinta ku xigta . Si kastaba ha ahaatee , dhab ahaantii isku day inaadan ku sayr biyo isku xirmaan ka badan 12 saacadood . Biyaha fadhiya jiidaneysaa xidid kallana . Warbaahinta u bedesheen sida caad
Gudang303 Agen Bola Resmi Promo 100% SBOBET IBCBET Jelang Piala Dunia 2014iga ah dhacdaa sabab u ah waraabinta xad-dhaaf ah . Ka dib markii in , ha scarify isticmaalaya majarafad yar . Ka taxadir in aadan waxyeellayn xididada .Inkasta oo sii kordhaya digada isticmaalka warbaahinta , waxaa loo baahan yahay bacriminta organic . Ilaa da'da 2 sano , 4 biloodba mar , ku dar Asili ( 15:15:15 ) at 25 garaam halkii foostadii . Tan iyo da'da 3 sano iyo wixii ka dambeeyey , foostadii kasta waxaa la siiyey 100 garaam oo Asili ( 15:15:15 ) . Trick The , lagu aasay sida qoto dheer sida bacriminta 10 cm Asili , ka dibna lagu saaqay ilaa xad qoyan .Waxa intaa dheer in la xirrira hirku dhirta , manjooyin waxa kale oo loogu talo galay in dhirta ay u muuqdaan kuwo gaaban iyo laamaha iyo koritaanka isku dheeli tiran . Manjooyin First waxaa loo sameeyaa marka warshad waxay ahayd sannad ka yar ah , ama ku saabsan 75-100 cm afkoda ka qoridiisu . Sidee falinjeeerka , waayo cut hore :

Dooro 3 laamood hoose . Marka dhererka laamaha hoose gaarey 50 cm , jar geesaha si ay u koraan laamood sare .
Dooro saddex keliya oo ay laamo sare halkii laanta hoose . Next , jar darafyadiisa oo ay laamo sare si ay u koraan laamood jaamacadeed ,
Dooro laamood jaamacadeed saddex keli ah . Laamood jaamacadeed Saddexaad ku mari doonaa ubax iyo fruiting .
Gooyaa waxaa sidoo kale lagu sameeyaa ka dib miro- midhaha .
Cayayaanka iyo Cudurka gacantaCayayaankaMealybug ( mealybug Cacao )Astaamaha: waxyeelo toos ah uu nuugo dheecaanka dhirta , iyo heerka waxyeellada daran oo keeni kara in Iscelin ee koritaanka dhirta iyo khasaaro sababta oo ah miro yar yar . Dadban , boodada ku soo saaro malab dharab sida
Jasa SEO Bergaransinoloshooda fangas sooty .Control : hab farsamaysan waxa : gooyaa iyo fayadhowrka fieldSidee bayoolaji : isticmaalka cadaawayaashoodii oo dabiici ah sida ku nooli ay madow , iyo fangaska fresenii parasitEmpusa , bahal Cryptolaemus . Isticmaalka cadaawayaashoodii oo dabiici ah sida ku nooli ay madow , fangaska iyo dulin fresenii Empusa , Cryptolaemus montrouzieri bahal ( Coccinellidae ) iyo abnormis Leptomastidae ( Encyrtidae ) .Kiimikada macnaheedu waa : Isticmaal -kaneecooyinka Lebaycid 550 foojigan 0.2 % ( gobolka hagaajiyay ee dahaar warshaddaBorer Miraha ( cramerella Acrocercops )Astaamaha: dhiiqada ay dirxiga iyo god hoose ee maqaarka midhaha iyo tegaayo xaarka sameeyo . Classnobr mararka qaarkood u tago fogeysa hilibka midhaha , iyo xataa ilaa abuur ah . Dirxiga Attack aadan arki karo meel ka baxsan iyo waxa keliya oo la yaqaan karaa ka dib marka diirka midhaha .ControlFarsamada : ma beeri ku xiga si rambutan warshad kookaha eeTaaban karo oo : qabtaan falinjeeerka iyada oo ujeedadu tahay jebinta wareegga nolosha cayayaanka .Sidee bayoolaji : isticmaalka cadaawayaashoodii oo dabiici ah sida nooc ah pupae parasitoid qaniina , iyo caarada sidii bahal of ukunta iyo pupae . Isticmaalka of wakiilada ugasoo Beauveria bassiana .Cayayaanka Tirathaba ( ruptilinea Tirathaba )Astaamaha: Tirathaba ruptilinea loo yaqaan Baabbi'iyihii ubax iyo fruiting . Daunmuda Burburka iyo danta saldhig digerek sababtoo ah by TirathabaControl : makaanikada Habka : uruuri caleemaha iyo ubaxa lagu weeraro for dikumpukan iyo burburiyey gubanaayo .Sidee bayoolaji : isticmaalka cadaawayaashoodii oo dabiici ah waxaa ka mid ah duuli Tachinidae ( basifulva Argyroplax ) , sp Venturia . ( Ichneumonidae ) , Apanteles tirathabae ( Braconidae ) iyo Telenomus tirathabae ( ScelionidaLigaTaruhan Agen Bola, Agen Sbobet, Agen Ibcbet, Agen 338A Terpercayae ) .Kiimikada Habka : buufi Diazion 60 EC -kaneecooyinka kula 0.5 si 0.2 % -fiirsashada / litirDiir caleenta geedka ( insulicola Hyperaeschrella )Astaamaha: Classnobr quudiyo on caleemo of rambutan in ay noqon dhirta dhashay iyo leafless , gaar ahaan dirxiga 3rd iyo 4th instar ahControl : Technical : beerta Fayadhowrka . Bacarimiso dhirta . Bixinta biyaha waraabka ( haddii ay suuragal tahay )Sida loo bayoolaji : IsticLigaTaruhan Agen Bola, Agen Sbobet, Agen Ibcbet, Agen 338A Terpercayamaal cadaawayaashoodii oo dabiici ah quraanjo casFarsamada waxaa loola jeedaa : dirxiga Uruurinta , pre- pupae iyo pupae oo baabbi'iya ( aasay / la gubo ) . Fumigation / pengoboran u dayacan Baalallay yihiin Shaad ee geedaha iyo dilo dirxiga ka .Kiimikada Habka : Isticmaalka cayayaanka xiriir sun ama sunta caloosha , iyadoo la isticmaalayo qalab awood codsiyada tarraaraxa srayer ama atomizer kulul ( ama habaas ) . Moobeyl sunta cayayaanka dirxiga instar koray at 1-3Diir caleenta geedka ( sommeri Tarsolepis )Astaamaha: defoliation ( bidaarta leh caleen ) .Control : hab farsamaysan waxLigaTaruhan Agen Bola, Agen Sbobet, Agen Ibcbet, Agen 338A Terpercayaa : Fumigation geedka u dayacan doona booskii ( cayayaan dadka waaweyn ) ka yar . Gubashadii ee haraadiga caleemo qallalan agagaarka geedka in ay dilaan PUPA ka hor noqdo booskii uu . Collection of dirxiga ku nool caleen ka dibna la burburiyey .Kiimikada Habka : moobeyl leh sunta cayayaanka wax ku ool ah iyo oggol yahay Wasiirka Beeraha .

Senin, 10 Maret 2014

When I read a book on the history of America,

When I read a book on the history of America, I do not think a picture that turned out to be a developed country , it is always a natural process to be used . Now we start seeing how the United States became abundant food Agen Judi Poker dan Domino Online Terpercaya Indonesiain the country. Indonesian people are confused in finding a food source , rather than confusion Americans ' throw' overeating .
True, said economist Faisal Basri, only nations that stunt the nation could not appreciate farmers. We are always a natural process to meet the food needs of the community. As a nation with abundant natural resources, is that we have not been able to discover the secret of the natural beauty of the archipelago. So far, we have only to imitate other concerned nations and forget himself .
Our consciousness to discover the secrets of this nature is still insufficient. We often think of a way to mimic what already exists. Although Allah SWT has given an explanation for human sustenance is already available in nature .
I have aspirations to give birth and raise awareness of how to uncover the secrets of nature for many people. Of course , education as a way to meet all your thoughts . Looking for the science to college, even to foreign countrie JUDI POKER, AGEN POKER, AGEN SITUS TARUHAN BANDAR JUDI POKER ONLINE INDONESIA TERPERCAYA s was not difficult. Many people already have a college degree beragai worldwide. However, the application of the science of how difficult it is for the benefit of society.
Based education of cultivating Consciousness ini_saya pikir_ nature can only be done through education infromal . We know that if a formal education in this country can not science students who have studied for years " dig " . Informal education in the form of natural studio as a place to introduce children to nature . They should know that the land they occupy this still has the potential to improve the welfare , family and society in general.
Only a brave man who can unravel the mysteries of nature. Pirates search for mines, farmers , sailors and thousands of other professions that require courage to ' mix' with nature for nature to give them what they want. Knowledge of children of various professions to cultivate nature needs to be introduced early . Do not let a bunch of kids that confusion to determine the profession since I finished high school and even college . It was my experience when newly graduated Madrasah Aliyah .
In fact, " against" nature con JUDI BOLA, AGEN BOLA, AGEN JUDI BOLA PIALA DUNIAtains many risks. However, there is definitely a risk beyond chance . Like Yin and Yang , the risks and opportunities related to each other as two sides of a coin. Instead , young people should dare risk not only megambil mengambik "safe way." With science , the risks can be minimized and opportunities to the fullest.
I believe that science can discover the secrets of nature. Reading , research and application in life is the answer to the impasse of human life . There should be people starving in this fertile land because of his stupidity. Proverb says , like chickens that died of starvation in rice.
These concepts extracted in the form of "curriculum" of the school-based nature . Frankly, I believe more in the educational curriculum of today will be forgotten like a peanut skin . Too dragging West, but forgot about the identity of the nation. This curriculum will be flexible and tailored to the needs. I'll be more focused on learning how to harness the natural environment to how to make friends with an increasingly uncertain climate .
We need to understand how to get water and use it to the fullest. Water can be collected from the ground and enters homes , fields, fields, farms and even as a source of energy. Life originated in water, and then make the Forum terbesar di indonesiamost of water becomes a necessity. Water will fertilize rice, cattle fattening and turbine generators . If our livestock production plentiful and even then we can sell them to foreign countries . That's what Americans _ if we follow your way of life.Posted by Muhammad Yusuf Ansori at 17:07

Rabu, 05 Maret 2014

The existence of a youth in the progress

The existence of a youth in the progress of a nation is that we can not deny . The role of youth is very important and Bandar Terbesar Situs Togel Online Terpercayae an impact on the progress of a nation . Then what is the role of Muslim women in this regard ? Certainly very regard , and very tightly bound . In what ways Muslim women Participate in the progress of a nation ? By way of keeping kehormatannya.Hem , , yes .. definitely confused friend bagimana kehortman relationship between women , the progress of a nation and its relationship with self is not keeping tabarruj ? Let us refer to any kind of yes , a chain of three . Keep in mind , According To Sharai tabarruj includes showing what should not be shown , dressed in revealing the nakedness , water - ikhtilath ( mixed up ) with Ajnabi ( one who is not her mahram ) , in contact with them through a handshake , overcrowding , and so on , Including flirty effect in walking and talking in front of them . Then , how the relationship tabarruj the progress of a nation ? In accordance with the word of GOD Almighty in the letter AN - Nur verse 31 , the which means :
" Say to the believing wome
Hotel Murah Di Jakarta n , ' let their gaze , and maintaining his cock , and they do not show the usual pehiasaannya visible except from view . And let them cover with a cloth hood to his chest , and not to show her jewelry except to their husbands , or to their fathers , or their sons , or their brothers , or sons of their husbands , or Muslim women , or the slaves - slaves that they have , or the Servants of men who do not have the desire ( of women ) , or the children who do not understand about women genitalia . and they do not hit the legs to make it known that they hide jewelry . and ye repent to Allah O believers that you prosper " . (Surah An Nur : 31 ) .
 Kuliner Balikpapan Women who guarded her chastity will Affect the progress of the nation . View of the Muslim woman who is always awake , maintain genitalia , and keeping away from the un - Islamic appearance will keep the mental and character of a nation . Of course this will make people feel safe here with his views . Feeling protected from the unexpected things. Maintaining mental character and this is a nation that will be the motivation to be better in every way . Especially young girls . A growing number of Muslim women who menjada honorarium , will impact the mental and moral pembentuka tersbut of the nation . Muslims who continues to maintain his honor will always maintain the family 's honor . Families who maintained her dignity , honor will always keep their environment . And protected environment will certainly Affect the harmony and the preservation of a nation . It will rub off on other cırcumstances . Kebaiakn infectious mamapu this is expected to change the environment in the state , and ultimately have a major impact on the life of the nation . If we do not maintain the character , then who will ? ?
A wife who sholehah , will menjada kehortmatan her husband . Husband and wife was always maintain honor . Maintain mutual respect , good will spawn offspring anyway . Of cırcumstances like that , there will be better conditions . Mental fa

milies will be maintained , and minimize the corruption of the nation that is increasingly becoming , for indeed , the improvement started from small things, starting with the nearest , and starting from now . As per the word of GOD S.W.T. The letter An Nisa verse 34 , " Then the woman who was devout Sholihah , maintaining self again when her husband was not there because God has been keeping them . " ( Surat an - Nisa ' : 34 ) .
Thus , let us start from the top , to be a woman sholehah , keep from tabarruj , and always
Believe that Allah is his Lord Subhaanahu wata'ala , and Muhammad sallallaahu ' alaihi wasallam is His prophet , and his Islamic guidelines . The effect was apparent in all the words , actions , and deeds . He would stay away from anything that causes the wrath of God , fear the punishment of his extremely poignant , and not
Bintaro Xchange Mall  deviate from his rule .
always keep praying five times with wudlu'nya , Humility ' in fulfilled , and establish prayer on time , so there is nothing to occupy from the prayer . Nothing is neglect of the worship of God Subhaanahu wata'ala so obvious to him that the fruit of prayer . Because prayer was mecegah indecency and evil , and the wall of the act maksia
keep her hijab with a sense of pleasure . So he does not go out except in a state of neat hijab , seek refuge with Allah and thank Him for the honor given by the law of the veil , where God Subhaanahu wata'ala desiring chastity for him with the hijab . Allah says : Meaning : " O Prophet , Tell your wives , your daughters and wives of the believers : " Let them stretch out to their entire body veil " . Such so that they are Easier to be known , therefore they are not disturbed . And Allah is Oft - Forgiving , Most Merciful . " ( Surat al - Ahzab : 59 ) .
Muslim woman always keep obedience to her husband , Seiya one word , love him , take him to the goodness , advising , maintaining well-being , do not harden her voice and words , and do not hurt her .
From the description above we can take some lessons , that women who sholehah , borne keep her honor , her husband and her family , will be giving out a p

ositive effect of kemjauan moral nation . Because the nation 's character at the start of a family education . Hopefully this article useful for all Khumaira friend , , greetings ...
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