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Minggu, 29 Juni 2014

The procurement growing media

The procurement growing media

Planting media is to support the growth of plant roots. Of this growing media in the form of food plants absorb nutrients through their roots. Planting medium used was a mixture of soil, compost, and chaff in the ratio 1:1:1. After all collected materials, mixing until evenly done. Land with koloidnya nature has the ability to bind nutrients, and nutrients through the water can be absorbed by plant roots with the principle of cation exchange. Husk serves to hold water in the soil compost while ensuring availability of essential materials that will be elaborated into nutrients that plants need.

Growing media mixture is then inserted into the bamboo until full. To make sure there is no empty space, can be used small bamboo or wood to push the soil up to the base of the container (the last segment). Bamboo planting medium in the not too densely arranged so tha agen poker online texas poker yang terpercayat water easily flows, as well as the difficulties that plant roots do not "breathe", and not too loose so that there is flexibility in retaining water and maintain moisture.

Preparation of seedlings and planting

Before planning to make a vertical container, first prepare a number of plant seeds, when the plants have reached the age ready to be moved, there are basically three stages in this process, namely the nursery, removal, and planting. As with any plant, sow seeds also require containers and growing media. The container can be anything along the planting medium can be filled as needed and have holes in the bottom to remove excess water. Nursery uses a special container called a nursery seed tray with a number of holes 128 pieces (another tray number and size of the hole varies). Persemain can also use a medium sized pot and a former pastry. As for the media cropping is the planting medium from the finished product that is organic.

If using a tray, the number of seeds that can be planted has been measured for every hole filled with a seed (though it can also be filled 2 or 3). If using another container, the number of seeds that can be planted adjusted to the size of the container, in this case the spacing of seeds arranged in such a way so as not touching each other. Two-three weeks after seeding the seeds had germinated and took out 3-4 leaves. Ideally, the seeds that have grown leaves numbered 4-5 strands Transplanting is feasible.

Seeds of plants are transferred to containers vertukultur are older than one month, the leaves had already increased. Because it has a total of 20 holes planting of two bamboo sticks, then simply free to choose the best 20 seeds. Before the seeds are planted in a bamboo container, pour water prior to its natural until saturated, characterized by dribbling water out of the planting holes. After enough, just started planting the seeds one by one. All the roots of each seedling should go into the ground. Each type seedlings (red peppers and tomatoes) are grouped

plant maintenance

Plants also require maintenance, as well as other living creatures. Plants require attention and affection. In addition to watering is done every day also need fertilizing, and pest control.

We recommend the use of fertilizer is organic fertilizer eg compost, manure or fertilizer bokashi. It is recommended that fruit vegetables such as peppers, tomatoes do not easily fall KCL should add a teaspoon or tablespoon depending on the size of the tree. Giving KCL every 5 to 6 months. In urban areas, manure or compost are expensive. Kitchen waste or dried leaves can be used for the manufacture of bokashi fertilizer. Bokashi fertilizer is a fermented organic material (straw, organic waste, manure, etc.) with EM technology that can
BOLAWIN88.COM PUSAT BANDAR TARUHAN AGEN JUDI BOLA CASINO POKER BOLATANGKAS DAN TOGEL ONLINE TERPERCAYA INDONESIAbe used as organic fertilizer to enrich the soil and improve plant growth and production. Bokashi can be made in a few days and can be directly used as fertilizer.

Senin, 23 Juni 2014

Cultivation of fungi (mushrooms) are very easy, anyone can do it.

Cultivation of fungi (mushrooms) are very easy, anyone can do it.The most important thing we should be patient, patient and want a little tired.Terutamna which should be done in mushroom cultivation, is to keep the fungus remains in humid conditions (fungus must often be watered using a sprayer), maintaining the cleanliness of the place baglog and stored mushrooms. So it is very suitable Judi Poker Online dan Domino Kiu Kiu Uang Asli Indonesiaultivation is done either by those who have spare time or even who do not have time to spare.Who have the free time to directly address this cultivation and who do not have spare time to assign someone you trust to do it.
Advantages mushroom cultivation:- Cultivation is easy and does not require special skills, anyone can do it.- Only required perseverance, patience and hard work.- The sale price is favorable.
Mushroom cultivation with the aim to serve as a business baglognya recommended amount is 3000 baglog. By 3000 the number baglog, the gains can be felt. We see calculation below;
The initial cost of investment is needed for the manufacture of kumbung, the costs required to manufacture simple kumbung measuring 6m x 8 m ranges from Rp. 8 million - Rp. 10 million. The size can accommodate 10,000 baglog mushroom. And kumbung can last up to 5 years of age.
Assumptions 3000 baglog mushroom cultivation, so it does not directly correspond 10,000 baglog kumbung capacity, as prior learning.Prices for 3000 baglog is 3000 x Rp. 1.500, - = Rp. 4.500.000, -We consider the production period is for 2 (two) months or 60 days, meaning that after the expiration of 60 days the fungus did not produce themselves.So it can be done in 1 month 2 times plucking every 2 weeks.So that could be done in 2 months 4 times plucking.
Perbaglog production results for the 2 months = 4 times picking x 1 oz = 4 oz.
By 3000 the number baglog cultivation, can be produced in 2 months = 3000 x 4 oz = 12000 ounces.Or equal to 1200 kg or 1.2 tonnes
Estimated average production per day = 1200 kg: 60 days = 20 kg.
With a selling price in the location of Rp. 7000, -/kg to wet mushroom. Judi Poker Online dan Domino Kiu Kiu Uang Asli Indonesia Advantage can be obtained as follows. :
Sale price = 1200 kg x Rp. 7000, - = Rp. 8,400,000, -

Selasa, 17 Juni 2014

Cómo crecer las maravillosas flores Flores

Cómo crecer las maravillosas flores Flores TulipBunga se comercializa en una floristería, hay muchos que vienen a partir de semillas, sino también de la presencia de esquejes de plantas de proceso. Flores connotan la belleza y la belleza que se refleja en la forma, el aroma y el color es muy encantador. Cada flor puede tener muchos colores dependiendoPulau Tidung del tipo de indukannya congénita y genética. Hoy en día muchos vendedores que venden semillas de flores, ya que permite que el color resultante puede variar. Esta venta se ha convertido en una tendencia de muchas flores que se plantarán irrumpieron en el patio para embellecer el ambiente. Las flores se plantan generalmente se coloca en macetas, bolsas de polietileno, o directamente en el suelo en el patio rumah.Rose Amarillo
Vender semillas de flores a través de la semilla se ha adaptado al clima tropical en Indonesia. Muchas de las flores del exterior que pueden cultivarse fácilmente aquí, así como los bulbos de tulipanes de Holanda. Sin embargo, estos tulipanes pueden florecer con una temperatura de 10-15 grados centígrados y tratar de evitar la luz solar directa tan diferentes como Indonesia y los Países Bajos, que es un país subtropical. Tulipanes se pueden encontrar en las tierras altas con la temperatura del aire es fresco y bastante húmedo. Para aquellos de ustedes que están interesados ​​para plantar tulipanes esto debe residir en las tierras altas que los tulipanes se plantan no marchitarse incluso la muerte.

Pulau PramukaLas flores se cultivan sekaigus destinados a embellecer los alrededores hacen en una hermosa casa. Por lo tanto, el volumen de negocio de las semillas de flor de la venta a través de la semilla es ahora muy alto teniendo en cuenta el número de personas que quieren hacer crecer sus propias flores en casa. Cómo cuidar semillas de flores también son bastante fáciles, ya que normalmente se vende en un semillero de estado en macetas o bolsas de plástico, por lo que es más fácil cuando se quiere pasar a un nuevo medio de cultivo. Semillas de flores obtenidos a través de la semilla es más caro debido a que el proceso de crecimiento que requiere una gran cantidad de tratamiento especial en comparación con las plantas de semillero esquejes. Los resultados de interés por lo general había más bella y variada, ya que depende de la calidad y la condición antes de que se plantaron semillas de flores.
Hay muchos tipos de semillas de flores. Semillas de flores superiores que se comercializan como crisantemos blancos, crisantemos amarillos, rosas rojas, rosas blancas, girasoles, tulipanes, flor de loto, jazmín, hibisco y frangipani flores también. Semillas de flores de loto fáciles de encontrar y generalmente se venden a precios de ganga porque petumbuhannya que tiende rápidamente y los medios de comunicación cada vez más que no es demasiado difícil. La flor de loto se deriva de las semillas suelen producir grandes pétalos con colores llamativos como rosa brillante. Pero la flor de loto es en la necesidad de la cantidad de luz solar que es suficiente para mantener su belleza. Otras flores se venden con las variaciones de los precios y el más caro es una semilla de tulipán, ya que requiere un cuidado especial.

Wisata Pulau PariPróximos Términos de búsqueda:

Kamis, 12 Juni 2014

Cayayaanka cayayaan (sp Tetranycus.)

Cayayaanka cayayaan (sp Tetranycus.)Cayayaanka Cayayaanka aad u yar tahay, qaabeeya sida caarada iyo mid yihiin polyfag, taas oo saameyn ku dhowaad dhammaan noocyada dhirta. Cayayaan dadka waaweyn lagu qiyaaso ku saabsan 1 mm. Cayayaanka caarada firfircoon inta lagu jiro maalinta. Wareegga nolosha ee ku ridaysa buuxiyaa inta u dhexeysa JUDI DOMINO, AGEN DOMINO, AGEN JUDI DOMINO ONLINE INDONESIA TERPERCAYA maalmood. Cayayaanka Mite weerarka iyo dhirta miraha masduulaa nuugo stem dheecaan ama laan. Sidaas darteed, dushiisa of jilif ama laamihiisa dhirta qaba cudurka muuqan doona dhibco ama buni huruud ah. Weerar culus oo u keeni doonaa dhirta miraha masduulaa aan caadi ahayn u kora.Maamulka cayayaan Mite ku beegnayd waxaa la samayn karaa iyadoo la isticmaalayo cayayaan dilaha botanical ku xereen 3-4 maalmood, sida neem, Tagetes, dhagax yakintos biyo, ama inta hirku. Si aad u soo kabtaan cayayaanka cayayaanka yaryar ee dhirta la siin nafaqooyinka laga itaal, oo mara xididada (via pengocoran), ama jidhka geedka (by moobeyl).
Whitefly, Cayayaanka (Bemisia tabaci)Mid ka mid ah cayayaanka wayn waxaa miraha masduulaa whitefly. Cayayaan dadka waaweyn doona booskii lagu qiyaaso 1-1.5 mm, oo cad, iyo daboolay lakabka ah ee baalasheeda wax qaasin. Cayayaan dadka waaweyn sida caadiga ah loo habeeyo dushiisa of laamaha hoose. Haddii geedka waxaa inta badan taabtay cayayaanka duuli doonaa sida ceeryaamo (whitefly caddaan). Astaamaha whitefly weeraro on dhirta miraha masduulaa gartaa dhibco necrotic sabab u tahay dhaawaca ku unugyada iyo unugyada dhirta on jir ama laamihiisa ay saameeyeen. Foomka whitefly Digo malab ah in uu yahay meesha caaryada madow dhexdhexaad ah koritaanka sooty. Tani waxay keentaa in geeddi-socodka aan caadi ahayn ee photosynthesis qaadataa meel. Intaa waxaa dheer in ay waxyeelo toos ah dalagga, whitefly cayayaan cayayaanka waa mid aad u halis ah maxaa yeelay waxa ay u dhaqmo sida a fayrusyada warshad dulinka ka dhasha. Khasaaraha ay sabab u weerarkii whitefly gaari karto 20-100%. Ilaa hadda, waxaa jiray 60 nooc oo fayraska Tanoo kala qaado by whitefly ah.Cayayaanka Whitefly ku beegnayd sanadkii la samayn karaa in dhaqanka farsamo, ie codsanaya habka aaladda wax-beerto (codsiga ee dalagga dabin). Dalagyada Trap lagu dhex beeray kartaa agagaarka of beerashada si ay u foom JUDI POKER, AGEN POKER, AGEN SITUS TARUHAN BANDAR JUDI POKER ONLINE INDONESIA TERPERCAYA ka ku heeraaray, cufan. Dhirta Qaar ka mid yihiin ku ool ah loo isticmaalo sida cayayaanka whitefly dabin, iyo kuwo kale, galley, sunflowers, digir, iyo chickpeas. Waxa intaa dheer in arjiga of beerto aaladda wax, yaranta waa in la sameeyaa si joogto ah. Haramaha ka iman kara sida whitefly martida ah.Si loo yareeyo tirada dadka cayayaanka ka fulin karaan rakibida dabin dabin jaalle ah sida ugu badan 40 gogo '/ ha. Control noolaha waxa lagu samayn karaa by faa'iidaystaan ​​colka dabiiciga ah ee cayayaanka whitefly, iyo kuwo kale, sida soo socota:

Bahal bahal yar Sexmaculatus Menochilus (Coccinelidae) kaas oo ay leeyihiin wareegga nolosha ee 18-24 maalmood ah ku leeyihiin awoodda duui'sadaan badan sida 200-400 nymphs whitefly badhidii. The kuwa lamid ah dhedig yihiin awood u soo saara sida ugu badan 3,000 oo badar ukunta.
Encarcia formosa parasitoids, mid ka mid badhidii ukunta cayayaanka sida dheddigga yihiin awood u soo saara 100-200 oo ukun.
Cayayaanka ku xereen sida geedka neem, Tagetes, dhagax yakintos biyaha, cawska badda ama waa in la sameeyaa si joogto ah (bareeg Sababta Agen Judi Poker Online Terpercaya Indonesia5. Dhirta la goostay in la ubax doonaa at da'da 1.5-2 sano iyo in la goostay karaa marka ay gaaraan da'da 30 maalmood ka dib miro masduulaa mekar.Tanaman ubaxa dhali doontaa miraha si joogto ah ilaa + 10 sano.

Selasa, 10 Juni 2014

Thus, there must be a strategic effort to reduce dependence on petroleum

Thus, there must be a strategic effort to reduce dependence on petroleum. It is already quite urgent as the national oil reserves only up to 18 years (see tableSARANAPOKER.COM AGEN TEXAS POKER DAN DOMINO ONLINE INDONESIA TERPERCAYA ) again, while domestic consumption continued to increase. Predicted in 2010, the amount of fuel imports will increase to approximately 60% - 70% of domestic fuel needs. This fact will make Indonesia be Asia's largest oil importer.The use of alternative fuels should be done especially in the form of a liquid, because the people are very familiar with liquid fuels, fuel. One is Bioethanol. Characteristics of bioethanol with gasoline can be substituted. Indonesia needs to develop bioethanol as:

Increased energy consumption
Fossil fuels will run out
Foreign exchange (import fuel)
Potential use of biofuels
Kyoto protocol
Potential land
Potential human resources (farmers)

BIOETHANOL, COMPETITIVE ALTERNATIVE ENERGYLouis Pasteur for the first time introduced the method of fermentation. He melakukakan sugar fermentation using microorganisms. He has
BOLAWIN88.COM PUSAT BANDAR TARUHAN AGEN JUDI BOLA CASINO POKER BOLATANGKAS DAN TOGEL ONLINE TERPERCAYA INDONESIAopened a new horizon of producing a chemical compound with the help of microorganisms. So we do not have to accomplish achieve synthesis of chemical compounds, let alone mikoorganisme who work to produce it. In 1815, Gay-Lussac formulated the conversion of glucose into ethanol and carbon dioxide. The formula is as follows:2C2H5OH C6H12O6 + 2CO2In the development of the production of alcohol is the most widely used methods of fermentation and distillation.The microorganisms used for fermentation of alcohol:

Bacteria: Clostridium acetobutylicum, Klebsiella pnemoniae, Leuconoctoc
mesenteroides, Sarcina ventriculi, Zymomonas mobilis, etc..
Fungi: Aspergillus oryzae, Endomyces lactis, Kloeckera sp., Kluyreromyces fragilis,
Mucor sp., Neurospora crassa, Rhizopus sp., Saccharomyces beticus, S. cerevisiae, S.ellipsoideus, S. oviformis, S. saki, Torula sp., etc.
Recently, recombinant DNA technology has helped the use of microorganisms in industrial processes. After the USA and Brazil, India is the third largest country in producing bioethanol.During World War II, a mixture of ethanol and gasoline have been used in Europe. However, after the war ended bioethanol compete with cheaper gasoline. The use of a mixture of alcohol and gasoline are used again in the 1970s due to the oil embargo of Arab countries to western countries in 1973 that led to the oil crisis.

JOKIBET.COM Agen Casino Online Terpercaya In 1985, Brazil issued a program mixing 20% ​​bioethanol with gasoline to save 40% of gasoline consumption. This country has marketed 1 million cars with 100% bioethanol fuel.

Sabtu, 07 Juni 2014

After dipotkan plants, wash plants sufficiently.

After dipotkan plants, wash plants sufficiently. The outer walls and the bottom of the pot is cleaned of dirt and planting medium that is still attached before placed in the desired place, but diusahan save the first place is damp but no sun for a few days to spBUNDAPOKER.COM AGEN TEXAS POKER DAN DOMINO ONLINE INDONESIA TERPERCAYA eed up pertumubuhan.Melati an ornamental flowering plant in the form of straight-trunked shrub live chronic. In Indonesia, one type of jasmine that is used as a national symbol of white jasmine (Jasminum sambac) becauseinterest associated with the various traditions of many tribes in this country. Another popular type is gambier (J. officinale). In Indonesian jasmine name known by people all over the archipelago. Local names for jasmine is menuh (Bali), Meulu cut or Meulu China (Aceh), Menyuru (Banda), Melur (Gayo and Batak Karo), manduru (Manado), Mundu (Bima and Sumbawa) and Manyora (East) , and Malete (Madura).INTRODUCTION
The use of traditional medicine has increased lately with the soaring prices of chemical drugs and the presence of a national program of the government to get back to nature, using a medicine native to Indonesia. Traditional drug store very large business opportunity for the efficacy of medicinal plants have long been known to the public. In addition, traditional medicine has low side effects than chemical drugs.Knowledge of medicinal plants derived from ancestors inheritance from generation to generation and continuously. Types of medicinal plants in Indonesia thousands of them one of them is Jasmine (Jasminum sambac), often called Jasminum. Jasmine plants known as an ornamental plant, it can also be used as a medicinal plant. Jasmine plant utilization in the treatment of late has increased with the proliferation of spas in urban areas. Treatments offered by spas that use natural remedies and essential oils, which are known premisesHow to multiply, grow and care for jasmine Netherlands.Sampurasun ... Rampess, # flower, If my friend - my friend was walking around the eyes in the morning while washing residential sure you see the different types of beautiful flowering plants vines at home fences or even in order to create a canopy for the propagation of flowering plants.Definitely mate never seen a tree like a vine flowers in the picture below, this is a Jasmine flower plant in the Netherlands Mang Yono house, but maybe my friend did not know his name or pretending - pretending not to know or forget the name of this flower, this is Jasmine Netherlands , well now I will explain a little about the way reproduce, planting and caring for jasmine Netherlands could be read to completion.How to multiply, grow da took care of jasmine flowers Netherlands.Mang Yono Netherlands jasmine at the door of the kitchen Situs Judi Poker Online Terbaik TerpercayaFlower plants propagated fence is great for home, this flower ha

Selasa, 03 Juni 2014

downloads ( 1 ) unduhanMemang to get

downloads ( 1 ) unduhanMemang to get new types we need a huge cost , because the fish generally have to be imported from abroad , whereas if we import the necessary requirements are quite heavy , we had to have them import licenses , have adequate quarantine facilities , and usually we have to pay first fish we ordered, the new fish delivered by the seller / exporter . In addition we also have to pay to remove the goods from cargo to customs , KAISARBET.COM AGEN BOLA TERPERCAYA PIALA DUNIA 2014whose value is currently about 1.5-2.5 million perbox .
In addition to the above fish , we should also try to pay more attention to the original Indonesian ornamental fish , and try to inflate biakkannya , because most native Indonesian ornamental fish are exported fish caught from the wild , such as fish , Tiger Fish , Silver Scat , Chromobotia macracanthus , Arowana jardini , Rasbora heteromorpha , etc. .
Aquarama 2011 36Ekspor Indonesian ornamental fish growing rapidly , from early 1970 Indonesia exported only to the two countries ( Singapore and Hong Kong ) is now exporting to more than 50 countries.
Ornamental fish are exported mostly from ornamental fish farmers in West Java .
West Java which is composed of 27 cities / counties ( 9 cities : Bandung , Banjar , Bekasi , Bogor , Cimahi , Cirebon , Tasikmalaya and Sukabumi Depok . 18th district : Bandung , West Bandung , Bekasi , Bogor , Kudat, Cianjur , Cirebon , Garut , Indramayu , Karawang , brass , Majalengka , Pangandaran , Purwakarta , corms , Sukabumi , sumedang , and Tasikmalaya regency . Has the potential for tremendous Ornamental Fish ,

In Bandung is famous for potential ornamental fish types : Frontosa , Duboisi , Microrasbora galaxy , alligators Fish , Puntius denisonii , Black Ghost ( three fish the first time in the world in the last cattle Bdg ) .
Bogor is famous for the type of fish Types of Tetra ( Neon Tetra , Cardinal Tetra , Red Nose ) and Super Red Arowana fish ( First in the world successful breeding habitat outside dikalimantan ) . In addition to fish hiasnya Bogor is also famous for the production of aquatic plants and shrimp hiasnya ( Red Bee shrimp ) .  Situs Judi Poker Online Terbaik TerpercayaIn Cirebon there are breeders who succeeded in breeding fish spatula alligators naturally ( without injections ) .