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Aman Aborsi obat atau obat Akhir Bulan


obat telat bulan Safe Abortion drug or medicine Late Month , One of the drugs that exist in our package is Misoprostol ( also known as Cytotec , Arthrotec , Oxaprost , Cyprostol , Mibetec , Prostokos or Misoprostrol ) , and the safest way for both women to perform abortions ( abortion ) itself is by taking drugs : Mifepristone ( also known as the abortion pill , RU 486 , Mifegyn , Mifeprex ) , and Misoprostol ( also known as Cytotec , Arthrotec , Oxaprost , Cyprostol , Mibetec , Prostokos or Misotrol )Drugs that we send our kepasien there alat bantu sex ( four ) 4 species ( kinds ) of drugs in each drug product safe abortion :

Drugs to destroy the fetus .
Drugs to expel the fetus .
Drugs to ease the pain .
Drug cleaning out the uterus after the fetus .The drug is sold in a package and can not be sold separately , as many are asking us just want to buy misoprostol / cytotecnya course , although many articles that discuss that with Cytotec can menggurkan content ( it's just under 9 weeks old content ) is not for gestational age above , therefore we are not only selling drugs Cytotec , but with the addition of other drugs to solve problems late in a more potent and powerful .alat bantu sex Medication to solve the problem of late coming months with medical abortion has brought success rate of over 97 % . When you live in a country that does not provide access to safe abortion services and you want an abortion with Mifepristone and drugs Misoprostol " why should misoprostol Cytotec ? " .IMPORTANT ...!( DRUG late MONTH ) or abort MEDICINE FOR DRUG IS ILLEGAL and NEVER GOT PERMISSION FROM THE DEPARTMENT OF HEALTH OR Health Department .IF THERE IS LISTED on behalf of Department of Health SURE THAT FRAUD .Examine THEN BEFORE BUYING .To overcome the " late month , late month " for those of you who want to " finish ( the abortion ) " it for various reasons . This drug reaction is very fast , in just 2-24 hours .Dose adjusted for gestational age , and medical calculated as follows: From the last day obat aborsi of menstruation ( menstruation ) How to calculate gestational age .These are some examples of drugs that drug safe abortion before we sell to the buyer , and the goods that we take is directly from the products that we offer came from various countries world is well known the quality and quality , as in Indonesia, these drugs are prohibited " illegal " not sold carelessly , Even if it is only sold obat pembesar penis pharmacists play naughty .

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