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Cara Membuat Anak yang Baik dan Benar

obat telat bulan How to Make a Good and True Son is somewhat easier and this is common knowledge , but it would be helpful to learn first base as well as a good way and how to correct it .Have children , is a dream of every couple . For new couples , certainly very keen for a baby whose name screams in such a family . Undertake activities to make the children are put into the male genitalia female genitals . Maintain the fertility of any reproductive organs of males and females should be guarded properly if it is to produce a perfect baby .
Do this , preferably by the time a woman is in her fertile period or 3 days before and 3 days after the menstrual period. Besides women, men should also consider the obat telat bulan  quality of the sperm .
obat aborsi Sometimes from the man or woman wants only boys or only prempuan . It can do so in connection with the following ways .
BoyAt the time of the dealing , the woman is expected to issue a first organism . obat aborsi By way as you want . Then kosumsilah , eating food meat , protein , and so on . Berhubungannlah on December 12 to 15 , because the mass of the 12th , the egg is cooked .Please you try it yourself this way , if it still can not . Thus, the fate of the above .
obat pembesar penis Want PrempuanBerhubunganlah before June 12 , because if it is over 12 , mature cells artificially inseminated himself .
Keep up the good , do not just want to take ecstasy alone . And keep in mind , not of this paper we promise what you want. But , however, everything is determined from the almighty . obat pembesar penis Before giving birth , let's read and read here what a pregnant woman should be prepared preparation of pregnant women

How to Make a Child That lhoo Delicious ! ! Do not believe it ? Have you asked alat bantu sex them who already have children , How to Create a Child Is it good , and they certainly will answer if it is good ... :) Definitely cuuy you all already know dong Condition, of course you have been married , adult , old enough , and established economies , due to the economic well-established you will not be difficult to give Eat , alat bantu sex  education , health and others appropriate to your child later . Want to have children can also be done with the IVF process , but this process is not a little spending money of course . Well , for those of you who already have a child with this technology without intermediaries , give thanks such favors , and probably many of those who are less fortunate have not been blessed with a baby even though already married so many years and have to make any effort to have a child . Anyway , here's a few tips that may be useful for you all , that is alat bantu sex about How to Make Children and process.
How to Get Pregnant Fast
Process of ChildrenBasic concept of the child alat bantu sex ( fertilization ) is a meeting of the egg and sperm cells . Therefore we must first know the characteristics of the egg and sperm cells . Both had a chromosome . XX to XY cells for eggs and sperm .
X nature : slow moving , life time more resistant / durable , is alkaline ,Y nature : fast-moving , short-lived time / rapid die , are obat telat bulan acidic .
Men have XY chromosomes with chromosomes in acidic conditions ( substance at the end of the sperm ) . While women have XX chromosomes with the atmosphere of the womb is alkaline .
If the acid + base together , what happens is neutral , meaning that less acid , so that the Y chromosome sperm will be taken off .
obat aborsi After that the most important fact is the fertile period of time , the calculation is as follows : Fertile period divided by 2 plus or minus 3 days . Suppose that in 30 days , her periods for 6 days from 24-30 , so the peak fertile period is the 12 th . Best fertile period is dated 9-12 and 12-15 , why ? ? Because at that time , the ovum has been through a maturation process . Before the process of decay is the 16th and so on , so if you want to build your kids ya on these dates .
How to Make Boys Boyslaki1 ) . Y must win the battle to reach the ovum , is absolute . peluang bisnis internet so , ovum must be prepared first to be penetrated by the sperm acrosome . Within a short yangg winner is Y because X is slow .2 ) . Rahim had acid atmosphere , at least to a degree - reduced his base , to fit and does not kill the sperm chromosome Y3 ) . Women should go first / orgasm4 ) . Consumed food5 ) . The most appropriate time ( based on the theory are 12-15 ) for the 12th egg is cooked
How to Make Girls1 ) . strategi pemasaran X harperempuanus win , bottom line do not mature ovum first , so that the sperm must " wait " outside the ovum . During the waiting period the first die is the Y chromosome , so X wins .2 ) . Rahim also fine alkaline conditions , so that the Y chromosome die naturally .3 ) . Time may not exactly .. ie before the date of 12 , to allow time first .. sperm mature ovum is " waiting " , Y will die .

So a review of How to Make Children and process , may be useful jasa desain website murah . And for those of you who do not have children / offspring do not tired to keep trying and always pray memohan LORD Almighty . and Hopefully, after reading this article could quickly have children / descendants toko online murah. Amen ....

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