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Cara Membuat Meta Tag SEO Friendly, Rank 1 Google, Super Ampuh!!


peluang bisnis online SEO Tricks Most Powerful Blog - On this occasion I will post about SEO Blog I have ever experienced . SEO is very important for a blog or website , because with a good SEO blog we will occupy the main page of Google Search Engine , blog traffic even if we can top good .
According to my experience , SEO Tricks Most Powerful Blog is the desain website primary key ,

Not Copas ( copy and paste ) article from someone else's blog , even if you have to ask permission to the author .
Articles must be original homemade .

       jasa seo handal
From the example above is the key to my experience in the world of SEO . I used to not know what SEO is , my blog 99 % copy and paste everything , artikelnyapun not indexed at all by Google Search Engine . Now with article and blog this time I can give the beginning of my work in the world of SEO and Blogging .

Evidently, with this article I can blog indexed by Search Engines Google in a matter of minutes , even though there is a position tracking third , second , or even from the position of the first page of google search engine .

This post haya limited to learning for me , because bisnis internet online it does not have any blog traffic sayapun Google PageRank or Alexa Rank .
Thus from me , the end of the word
I think the most powerful seo tips is that according to the old adage " Content is the king "Why is that ? Because as we've discussed before the final goal of the algorithm google is providing relevant results and the best .And that 's how the relevant content ?Relevant content should contain at least the following elements:1 ) Content that contains information for the visitor2 ) Content resolve their problems3 ) Content entertainingIn addition, a good content also should be prepared to complete and readable .Content Must be Complete . ( recomended )I see so many bloggers are using 3in1 technique in preparing an article ( already rich coffee milk only)iklan massal 3in1 in the sense that an article only focused on :Opening paragraph - > Contents - > Paragraph CoverLength is only 100-200 words.And unfortunately , the first paragraph and the second just lip service and its " copy and paste " TTAlthough we try to write content that has been much discussed . Try to write from a different perspective . Or we could look different from the completeness of the article content . And visitors are also happy because they can get information .Delicious Reads groove . ( important )Once again I remind you , that we make this content is to the reader , not google. So come more relaxed in writing . Involve the reader emotionally in our article . pasang iklan terbaik And that can be inserted a little sense of humor to break the ice .No less important than the content is the backlink .Yups I still adheres to the old adage " backlink is the queen "Of course the question is - backlink backlink quality .Quality backlinks that I mean here is not a backlink from the site berPR 3-6 instead !But backlinks are disharing with sincerity by readers and friends - fellow bloggerSo how do I obtain them ?a) Make content as possible . ( see how above earlier )pasang iklan baris gratis tanpa daftar If the content that we make really good then the reader and our friends will automatically menshare her because our articles contain useful information , solve problems and entertain them as wellCompare if we make the usual mediocre article , would certainly tanggapanya plain ordinary too . So do not expect more !b ) Establish a good relationship with the reader and blogger friends .Blogging is like selling ,Content is our merchandise .Reader is a buyer andBlogger friends are fellow sellers strategi pemasaran .If the merchandise that we had a really nice and suave attitude . Then the buyer will not hesitate hesitate recommending our store from the mouth of the mouth so ramailah our store . And fellow sellers also must be happy working with us ( despite some being envious )Imagine if we are arrogant , although we are good merchandise who are willing to try to buy it ? ? ?So much care was the reader and blogger friends .This could care attitude shown by the way bisnis online :1 . Reply to any comments they2 . Exchange visits, aka " blogwalking "3 . Greet them with rama in social media and4 . Also sharing their contentsSo basically , with a great article and natural backlinks that ... we could easily dominate google SERP in the long runSo my exposure on seo tips and tricks in this 2013 year bisnis online . And that it might be noted , this is just a personal opinion of mine. So I can not guarantee that everything is correct .Therefore , if you have another opinion , do not hesitate !Silahkn share in the comments yes 

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