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Cara untuk beri isteri orgasm yang lebih baik


alat bantu sex If your husband is mahu find a way to satisfy your wife , there are some tips that you may parktikan to your sexual happiness .
The first way : Calm
Do not be greedy or such disoriented when have sex . Calm your Minda and design strategies to satisfy your wife . Mulakan the game foreplay and intercourse so on . Sex is victorious through the regular steps follow the steps .
The second way : Stimulate the body portion wives than vaginal ago
At the beginning iklan online of the game , you bahagain than vaginal stimulation beforehand . Do it slowly - land . If you stimulate a portion of your body , your wife will first focus and lead you to stimulate the vaginal portion . If your first touch and stimulate the vaginal portion , he will experience a great orgasm mindanya kerana all concentrated on that portion . The regular step is certainly improving his orgasm again more quickly .
The third way : Kiss your wife body
The whole body when you kiss your wife , she will think alat bantu sex you are very fond of him . So , he orgasm that she will get is another great kerana you show affection . If intercourse is done with a combination of affection and ghairah , your wife must feel satisfaction was double. Thus, it plays a role in realizing her affection merasang kerana he is a symbol of your love sign him .
The fourth way : Roaming around your wife vagina Courant
Do not just pile on the Courant hole / headman vagina and clitoris / clits sake only , other stimuli also Courant and vagina . This portion kerana woman is not necessarily sensitive and there may be a more sensitive portion around the vagina that you do not know . Is very important for you to review and understand the portion of the body that are easily aroused your wife .
Tanggunjawab husband to the wife in sex is to make obat pembesar penis  sure he was satisfied with the delicious taste that you provide . Thus, you need to first make sure you do not climax or at least you need to make sure in a faster orgasm before your arrival . There are some tips that may help you to speed up your wife orgasm .Tip The quickest way to stimulate wife orgasm and fast klimaksAutumn Flower
First , you need to understand is bahawa women differed from men . Women are creatures full of emotion and they will not quickly aroused if only Bogel man in front of them . So , to stimulate his wife so that the climax , you need to stimulate her emotionally , then fizikal and finally enter him into the mood for intercourse . When you first touch the emotions , all your actions will be so easy . Therefore you digalakan spoiled and boasted before intercourse commences . Here are three steps to stimulate your wife to deserve .
First : Stimulate her feelings
Berusahala to make love to your wife like to support him to bed or you give her a gift or you play naughty quick order ghairah mingle all day or was always to be romantic with your wife . If your wife rises affection or love are overflowing - furious at you , he definitely can not wait to invent sex with you . When the state force , his body would be willing to have sex .
Second : Foreplay
No need to rush - rush , you kiss your wife with alat bantu sex pria dan wanita a spoiled and loving . Use your hands to touch - touch your wife's body , touch you 've certainly give rangasang early . Playing with a rope pull like kissing your wife and in the same period of stimulation with words - words ghairah . Note the reaction of your wife . If he's breathing rate and as already aroused , you continue on the third step .
Third : playing in the clitoris
If your partner is aroused , and as she began to wet pussy , you stimulate your partner's clitoris . Use the tongue to stimulate kerana tongue surface is soft , and it will definitely give a good sensation on your partner . Believe me , after a few Minit your wife will definitely climax for the first time and you should continue the relationship with intercourse anyway .
One alat bantu sex advantage climax comes when your wife before you fuck her is she would quickly aroused to climax so kerana mood he was wanted sex . You will also be satisfied if your penis in vagina excitatory great by your wife who was drowning in a sea of ​​lust obat telat bulan .

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