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Perbedaan Kehidupan Seks Pria & Wanita Berdasarkan Usia


Mindset and condition of the human body is constantly changing as we age . It certainly affects many aspects of life , one of which is sex life alat bantu sex  .
According to sex expert Tracey Cox in her book ' Sextasy ' , people in every stage of age have the drive and the needs of different sex . Here are the differences as reported by the Times of India .
1 . 20sIn the 20s , both men and women tend to still have sexual fantasies are ' naughty ' . At this age , sex couples still do alat bantu sex variations of sex positions . Moreover , at this stage of this age both men and women are still diligently experimenting to figure out how to get the best orgasms .
2 . 30sIn the 30s , a lot of couples who have sex more openly . At this stage , both men and women are mostly already know how to achieve the best orgasms that already know what is needed .
But at this age most couples already have a baby so that her sex life tends to decline alat bantu sex  . According to Cox , the new general partner who has descent restrict sex as much as 4-5 times a month . If you 're not in the mood for sex , keep in mind to provide the touch and hugs to her husband .
3 . age 40sAt the age of 40s , most men experience erection problems and more frequent watching porn or indulge in sex talk . alat bantu sex  While women at this age tend to be more attracted to younger men .
Although in their 40s tend to decrease the quantity of sex , but that does not mean the passion is also decreased . Both men and women at this age are more concerned with quality rather than quantity sex .
Do not underestimate the people who frequently discuss sexual needs obat pembesar penis in the household . Because basically everyone has different sexual needs . Many sex experts suggest that men should have sex five times a week to reduce the chances of prostate cancer .
Every man and woman has a different sex characteristics , so that the amount of sex they need also different . For those who live in a warm climate , typically more temperament than those who live in areas with cold climates . obat pembesar penis The warmth of the climate affect the level of testosterone in the body .
Americans can have sex as much as 124 times a year , Africans can do 116 times a year . But you do not need to bother in determining how much sex you need . If you want to have sex with your partner , you should do it , because it is also related to your health .
You can also see the potential of your sexual needs on the job obat telat bulan  . The more stressful your job , the better for a more intense way to have sex . With regular sex can help fight insomnia , enhance immune and make us happier .
But it would be better if we did not do too much sex . Control the sex instinct is also needed so that we are not addicted and easily saturated . Hopefully useful and do healthy sex , Ladies .
There are four dimensions obat aborsi  of sexuality in marriage , namely : dimensional reproduction , institutional dimensions , dimensions and dimensional relationships recreation . Reproduction means perpetuating offspring with having children . Institution means a ' legal institution ' marriage , in order to bind and regulate marriage law , so it does not fall apart . Closer relationship means two people married , so communication is maintained harmony and romance . And recreation means pleasure , marital intercourse can bring pleasure and happiness when  alat bantu sex sexual intercourse satisfactory .
Do not engage in marital sexual relations is problematic because of sexual dysfunction either the husband or the wife . Of course with good preparation and understanding correctly , can be able to enjoy a pair of husband and wife sex fun and satisfying . Things like this will really help the continuity of ' institution ' marriage . If there is a problem in the perceived sexuality in marriage , then the marriage could take place in an atmosphere that remains bland or even marriage it would soon be choked and ended with the alat bantu sex destruction . Thus Dr . Heru told Oentoeng Sp.And dating .
There are several primary elements needed in the continuity of the wedding , related to the human being consists of body , soul ( mind , juice , will ) and spirit ( inner ) . In fact marital sex , be required by the third element . So sex in marriage can not be a sideline thing , if there is no one else should be .
Even the intimate relationship of husband and wife , in fact occupies obat telat bulan  a vital part that drives terpuasnya biological needs in marriage . Because marital sex pleasure is healthy and well also had a role as a trigger - happiness and to the implementation of the integrity of marriage langgengan . Different once satisfied this requirement , between men and women .
Sex being one of the obat aborsi means , of the continuity of the inner fabric of the relationship between husband and wife , where they can attempt to mutually devoted affection . However , if they do not keep pace with each dive , then kemesraanpun will be fleeting . Here are three different points of view about sex :
1 . Sex for most women is not very important , while for most men it pasang iklan baris gratis tanpa daftar  becomes so important . Thus the woman think men only want sex only, while women want affection , attention and affection of a man .
2 . The average man would be interested in and passionate women if their partner has a sexy body appeal ( sex appeal ) . In contrast , women are more interested and passionate in the personal nature of her partner , who had ngayomi , humorous and achievement jasa pembuatan toko online murah.
3 . In general, women are more in need of inner needs are met first, then to feel the need for sex , were largely different from men's love will grow , after he satisfied his sexual needs . In a variety of research has found that misconceptions about sex can be a trigger , of the marital relationship problems . For example, when the husband pasang iklan online were excited to hold intercourse , while his wife because his mood was not "in the mood " ( restless ) did not want . Consequently husband feel less needed , then began to put distance away and the wife . Ironically, with such an attitude , the wife felt her husband was no longer paying attention and love peluang usaha online  .

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