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This Investment Tips from The Richest Man in the World


peluang usaha online - Billionaire Warren Buffett is known as the most successful investor in history . Buffet also share tips best success in investing .
In every conversation in television , print media , online media , social media up in , Buffett often catapulted investing tips are sure to be a benchmark investor in the world . Here are 10 tips Warren Buffett about the best investment , as summarized from www.businessinsider.com :
1 . Much more important to buy good companies at reasonable prices than high prices .
2 . You do not need to invest a great genius . You do not need to be a bisnis online  scientist who knows about the ins and outs of investing . Investing is not a game that people who have high IQ can beat a low IQ . But to be able to invest , you just need to understand and know about the market , portfolio , and the ins and outs of the company .
3 . Do not buy a stock just because other people hate it . When buying a stock , think of the good stocks. See the company's portfolio and its market potential .
4 . The best time is when the company bought troubled companies .
5 . Do not be fooled huge profits . The line between investment and speculation do not differ much . However , the line is never bright and clear .
6 . Think long term . Investors think long-term , while speculators are bisnis online short-term investors . So , invest a minimum of 5 years , 10 years , or over 25 years old .
7 . Forever is the right time to hold an investment product . When you have a good share of business investment with good management , then the best way is holding ( the investment ) forever .
8 . Buy a business that can be run easily . Buy a stock or investment that is easy to administer , even by an idiot though . Sooner or later , that investment will bear fruit .
9 . Investors must be able to distinguish between excitement and expenses are to be borne when buying an investment . These two things are the enemy when investing . Tips , try to be fearful when others are greedy , but serakahlah only when others are fearful .
10 . iklan massal Do not have to move when the opportunity arises . The stock market is a game . So , not having to switch portfolios when stock prices fall . You better wait or consult with your financial manager . So when you decide to move ( portfolio ) , did you decide to seek the best advantage .
Do you remember the comedy film Wag the Dog , released in 1997 ? The film tells the action of imaging a U.S. President to be elected again to serve the second period . Previously , the president's name tainted because of a scandal .
Then , the president appointed a special team to create a series of news that could distract the public and show the heroic figure of the president . The trick , the team went to a producer in Hollywood to fake an attack on the terroristsin a small country far away from the U.S. .
Indeed , war , invasion events , and the characters in it are purely fictitious obat pembesar penis  and contrived in a movie studio . The team then distribute the film as if a real war news to all media . Media swallowing intake information is real or fake with an impressive variety of herbs that incident really real and the public would believe .
jasa pembuatan toko online murah So , what does this film with gold investment ? GeraiDinar.com owner said Muhaimin Iqbal , the story of the film is similar to the current gold price movements . Previously , Wag The Dog is an English idiom to describe the deliberate deception attention from something big and something real to the unreal and fabricated .
Throughout 2013 , gold prices depressed great . A year or two years ago , we still find the price of gold at U.S. $ 1,700 -US $ 1,800 per troy ounce on the NYMEX exchange . Now , the world gold price is around U.S. $ 1,300 per troy ounce obat pembesar penis .
Well , Iqbal suspect , the story of the fall of the world gold price is a mere scenario . This film tells the story of the termination policy of Quantitive Easing The Federal Reserve and other fragments that support such scenarios . " Unfortunately , when the " movie " was played , and the market believes gold prices actually fell , " said Iqbal .
obat aborsi Emphatically , Iqbal suggested that we not consumed this propaganda . He cited HSBC policy that maintains the tactical portion of 8 % gold in their asset allocation . He suggested that the physical gold investors , both in the form of gold bars or coins dinars , while maintaining its portfolio .
Gold watchers M. Ihsan Palaloi support this contention . Gold is a commodity that is different from the coal , oil , and other komoditias . Gold has characteristics , demand and supply , up to a different way of settlement . Ihsan said , during the many people who equate granted.
He does not ignore the particulars of information that affects the price of gold obat aborsi  . Although , if there is a scenario for the decline in gold prices , as investors , we are only just become a follower . The sources of information are now increasingly open gold price , as a follower , let Ihsan gold investors continue to pay attention to the behavior of businesses , namely gold shop owners .
The gold shop owners to sell a gram of gold every course should immediately buy the stock one gram again . Now , science has begun to similar community-owned . Hence , any price falls , the more incentive to look for gold .
According to Wong, this action is reasonable and please enjoy buying gold at a cheaper price . Decline in the gold price is happening right now is temporary . " The price of gold is actually visible in the second half when a high demand for gold , " said Ihsan .
So , whether you are shopping this time massive gold ? Multilateral bisnis internet online Commodity Analyst & Corporate Trainer Desk PT . Stylists Millennium Futures torch A. Abrams said , when gold prices are down is mostly a pattern of behavior is actually away from the gold market . People flocked holding U.S. dollars .
Especially in Indonesia, recently Bank Indonesia raised its benchmark interest rate . This step makes people want to return to deposits . In fact , "It should be , is seen as a buying opportunity for investors , " said torch obat pembesar penis .
Senior Researcher and Analyst Futures Monex Investindo Zulfirman Basir suggests , this is the time to add to your gold collection . In addition to a fairly low price , usually the price of gold will rise as Eid . At that time , you can realize a profit. " I recommend the purchase of any gold for the short term , one month or two months , " said Zulfirman .
Consulting a financial planner from Zelts Ahmad Ghozali also let you shop in the form of physical obat telat bulan gold bullion . Originally , it was for the long-term goals . In fact , if want to take advantage of gold installment scheme of Islamic banking and PT Pawnshop too , could be considered . " I think , if it had come down , the gold price will not drop too much more, " said Ghozali .
KebunEmas drafter and bullion investors Kustandar Rully said , the best way to buy gold is phased or gradual buying purchase . That is, when you have the money , buy gold . " I never thought how much the price of gold .
Rully style investment model is also seen Syariah Division Manager Pawn Pawn PT ( Persero ) Wartono . She look good when the price of gold goes up or down , people still compelled to buy . " When prices are low , as now , people have expectations obat aborsi of the price of gold will go up , " said Wartono .
As for you who overdo already buy gold when the price is high , torch advised to be patient save your gold . "The sun is definitely shining . But , when bersinarnya , I can not be sure , "said torch .
But , this advice does not apply if you have urgent financial needs . If indeed there is a need , torch and Zulfirman suggest you do not hesitate to liquidate your gold investment . Zulfirman see , gold weakness will continue into next year . " Most new fast three years the price of gold could be like in 2011 , " said Zulfikar .
Ihsan not agree with this suggestion . He pointed out that the behavior obat pembesar penis of the gold traders who had purchased gold merchandise at high prices . According to Ihsan , they pawned at Pawn gold to buy cheap gold . This method can gain time of loss when direct selling when gold prices are low .
Pieces how many grams ?
The problem , often only gets gold investors buy gold bullion advice now . But , we know , the price of gold per gram to one gram piece with 10 grams or 100 grams it's different . For example , on June 13, 2013 , Precious Metals Division PT Aneka Tambang ( Antam ) membanderol 1 gram gold price of Rp 513,000 per obat pembesar penis gram . Meanwhile , the price of gold bars weighing 100 grams , Rp 474,500 per gram . And , the price of 1 kilogram of the cheapest gold per gram , Rp 473,000 . On the other hand , the repurchase price of Rp 439,000 per gram .
Here there is a significant price difference . Then , on how many grams of scrap gold bullion purchases economic value derived ? Ihsan said , there is the cost of labor in the manufacture of gold bullion . For 1 gram of gold , worth about 10 % of the price of gold . Value of the cost of manufacture is getting lower as gold is increasingly large , up to zero for one kilogram of gold .
alat bantu sex The existence of the cost of labor , according to Ihsan , need not affect your decision to buy gold . He advises investors to buy gold according to ability . If enough money is available only for 5 grams , yes , buy that much . " For people who have money Rp 3 billion , yes , more suitable to buy a kilogram , " said Ihsan .
Ghozali advise you to buy a piece of 10 grams to 50 grams . 100 gram gold price is more economical . But , Ghozali warned , you must be willing to be a little bothered when I want to sell it . " Rarely , right , hold the money of Rp 50 million in savings ? Usually in deposits . So , you have to sell to a gold shop , " said Ghozali .
However , if your ability to buy pieces under 10 grams , Ghozali still advise alat bantu sex you to keep buying than not have gold . Difference between purchase price and the buyback will be lost in the long run .
Meanwhile , Rully advised to buy gold in small sizes . But , he does not recommend the purchase of 5 grams of gold in the piece down . He argues , gold bullion is a decent collection of pieces 10 grams - 100 grams .
Gold purchase recommendation is still valid even if you can afford to buy gold weighing 1 kilogram . Rully said , buying gold is not embodied in a piece of 1 kilogram but broken down into several smaller pieces .
alat bantu sex Indeed , in terms of price will be slightly more expensive . But , gold holdings in fractions 10 grams to 100 grams will provide flexibility for the owner . " The period we chainsaws kilo of gold we need money if Rp 100 million ? " Said Rully .
One point that needs to be clarified gold investments , according Ruly , was no different treatment for Antam's gold . Antam's gold price is different with a new logo with the old logo gold . Gold without the certificate had priced cheaper . Rully said , the gold became valuable not because of the certificate .
On the other hand , in addition to selling alat bantu sex gold from mines , Antam also accept deposits from the print shop gold . When the price of gold owned store base gold cheaper than gold Antam , automatic gold bullion prices are also cheaper stores .
In essence , the origin of 24- karat gold , please be bought on the cheap pasang iklan baris gratis tanpa daftar.

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  1. Yes!! Difference between purchase price and the buyback will be lost in the long run .
    Meanwhile , Rully advised to buy gold in small sizes . But , he does not recommend the purchase of 5 grams of gold in the piece down .

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