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Trik Mendapat 1000 pengunjung Perhari Tanpa Google


peluang usaha online 6 Ways to Conquer the Google Algorithm Hummingbird - Shortly before this article was written , memngaplikasikan google new algorithm named " HummingBird " . Hummingbird itself is the name of a small bird , you can type in google hummingbird and the results will look a little bird in the upper right of the results pencarian.Oke , pulau pari back to the topic ! Last month around August 2013 the latest google algorithm introduced to the public but basically I 've felt the strangeness that happened to my client blog since 2 months ago before Google introduced the algorithm to the public ! Traffic is becoming more and more according to the keywords but the funny thing is I still shoot in the first position in SERP results !
When Google Hummingbird dilemma Ridiculous
When pulau pari  I ask in the forum why it happened , they said that the keywords are not competitive anymore and are advised to find new keywords are more competitive again . I think it is quite reasonable considering the blog traffic dropped sharply with the position of the first fixed keyword in SERP . It seemed ridiculous to me , how could all the keywords remain in place while traffic plummeted blog !
Encryption Keywords And Keyword External Tools disappearance pualu pari
Then I look at the statistics histats , keywords from blog visitors coming from search engines have started to decrease gradually and lately I know that google does encryption key words and negate the external google pulau pari keyword ( turn it into a keyword planner ) . I think google is doing his AdWords for business purposes so that the behavior ( perhaps they want a clean SEO and investments for Android ) . By eliminating and encrypt them as a webmaster then I get confused which one is missing keywords and which keywords are not competitive !
Hummingbird unlike Google Panda And Peanguin pulau pari !
After a long time thinking I infer that this is not like the Panda algorithm that focuses on content , and not also as a direct kick peanguin blogs that have backlinks - backlinks using blackhat / whitehat is wrong ! Google Hummingbird do not kick your blog !

As the word google , this time the algorithm is like replacing a new car with the engine still uses the old engine . It means they are still using the old obat pembesar penis  algorithm ( that means SEO will still be there ) , but throw some of the new ( re-write algorithms that they think is not good ) . The point they make a new logic that search engine called google menammpilkan relavan results for its users . We are sorry if my language is less easy to understand
6 Ways to Conquer Google Algorithm Hummingbird !
If you obat pembesar penis are an affiliate player with a certain keyword or sell a service or product , you normally do not update your blog right? Only a few articles , set and forget , leave it to google ! This will inevitably lead to decreased traffiknya your blog ! I believe the same Dech . Follow these tips so that your traffic climb back .
Use Long Tail KeywordThis time about relavansi algorithm , if you shoot the keyword " How to clear acne " you do not necessarily get a good position in the " how to clear acne naturally " . But if you shoot " how to clear acne naturally " then the more likely you are to get a good position in alat bantu sex the keywords " how to clear acne " . Try it yourself Dech
Blog Update YouPerhaps this is an improved algorithm caffeine , diligently update will improve the crawl rate google spider robot . The higher the rate the higher the traffic crawler and index the faster process .
alat bantu sex Extend Articles YouI see - see , who gets a share of the home page SERP is an article - article quality long ! Try to write an article about 450 words to minimize errors in the writing of your article .
See Backlink Anchor Text YouGoogle has launched a new update yet notified peanguin now , chances are they doing testing at the time of update hummingbird because many blogs are disappearing from circulation . Use anchor text in the form of sentences compared to short 3 word keyword obat telat bulan.
If you want to play it safe just use anchor text such as your address or name of your blog that has nothing to do with the keywords . example : sealkazz ( This example uses the name anchor text ) and ( this example anchor text blog address ) . If you want to play with risk using appropriate obat aborsi keyword anchor text , but not less than 4 words ! It's still works published until this article !
Liver - Liver Looking Backlink !Once again I remind you not too fast for backlinks . Do not do blast ! Do it slowly and consistently ! With high pagerank backlinks and relavan very direkomendasikkan . 5 Ways to Conquer Google Algorithm Hummingbird !
Notice on Page SEO pulau tidung  guysDo not get too much use of bold and italic excessive . Use moderation . Note also the repetition of keywords and so on . SEO on page more mainstream in the era of the hummingbird as it pertains to relavansi .

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Conclusion of the Google Algorithm Hummingbird
The conclusion I took from the article that I made this time , google hummingbird has the primary function of improving relavansi google search results . So the thing - the thing to do as a webmaster is to increase relavansi with regard SEO and backlink on your page . Updated regularly and consistently highly recommended . Look as learning materials . Learn how he's looking for backlinks and do the update as well as writing articles . As this article is a new blog created 3 months old but already has a Alexa rank alat bantu sex of 100 thousands . He uses ads from ADPlus and Innity ( tau own right how its minimum requirement ) . I see the blog is always appearing in the top 5 different keywords .After Google's earlier stormed the SPAM with Google Panda , which really feels on the bloggers . This year Google , the SPAM stormed back with his new soldiers , Google Penguin . The other soldier is really powerful in performing their duties , how not ? Not a few of the bloggers whose origin is in the top SERP , now down some where ?

Zone Plus had come in contact with the invasion of Pinguin , yes , although not until in DO in the SERP . alat bantu sex But this blog is once Pagerank is 2 , now down again to 1 . I checked and I realized , this blog turned out the cause was lacking in this weeks update . So for now the bloggers have to update their blogs on a scheduled basis , to be able to conquer the Penguin . And here are 7 ways to conquer the other Pinguin :

The first and most important , keep using White Hat SEO.Jangan have one, optimize blog excessively .
Do not install or Text Links are hidden or invisible .
Never do Automatic query to Google , though it was only once .
Keep going, do not ever make the pages with keywords relavan or not in accordance with the content of reading .
Do not even make the pages in your domain or subdomain bisnis online with double the content or similar content .
Do not create pages that negativ , contains elements of racism and containing Trozan or Malware .
And if you join affiliate programs , you must ensure that your website has provided unique information and relavan , which gives visitors a reason to come to your blog .

Basically Google ciptain Penguins with good intentions , namely to eradicate SPAM , so the Googlers are not difficult to search information . So , keep the spirit , keep spirit , and move on .Description : Google Penguin pasang iklan baris gratis tanpa daftar  , Google The new Soldier and 7 Ways defeated him ! Rating: 3.5 Reviewers : Bastian Gopar ItemReviewed : Google Penguin , Google The new Soldier and 7 Ways defeated him !Almost a week I did not make the original post ya . Days ago I updated the links in Vivanews Mensumber . Expires already upset anyway cape - cape his post eh link in Banned , But apart from that I am now more passion for blogging again and writing articles , because I had heard a story yesterday if anyone had success because he was good at talking . Nah , although I'm not too good at talking but it I'm pretty proficient in writing , wrote Hehe So hopefully with a little bit I wrote this upon ability to make a success in future . Amien
Oh yeah this time I will give you the jasa pembuatan toko online murah trick to trick to make your blog Getting 1000 visitors per day but with trafick instead of google , Can ? can ya lah ... This way I also deliberately apply to this blog because this blog now trafick lack of Om Google , so I Kismet deh traffic in other sources . Nah even this time I 'll share a trick to my loyal visitors . "When There He he " .
Got Tricks 1000 visitors

Submit Your Articles Into : It proved really know ? a few days ago I submit an article titled " SEO Contest Prizes 32.2 million in July 2011 " and alhamdullilah So add 400 visitors per day .
Share your article on : Kaskus is the largest online forum in Indonesia and is always crowded in coming visitors , so if you share my article 'm sure trafick will overflow into your blog . 's The news that neighboring blogs ever get 5000 visitors per day for at submit article in kaskus . Kemarinpun I could submit my pasang iklan online article entitled " 9 ways to make blog template 100 % seo friendly " and add enough alhamdullilah tarfick to this blog , although only about 250 people per day .
Share your article in your blog or : Although not as much faceblog facebook users, but share the article Why faceblog more profitable than the share in facebook . Due faceblog pengunanya almost all bloggers so if you share an article I 'm sure going there faceblog who responded , especially if the article had to do with Blogging . Example : " How to Win SEO Contest "
That's the trick so that you can blog mendaptkan 1000 visitors a day without google . Hopefully useful . A few of my apologize if there are shortcomings, ksempurnaan only owned the pencipta.WASALAMDescription : Trick Gets Per day 1000 visitors Without Google Rating : 3.5 Reviewers : Bastian Gopar ItemReviewed : Trick Gets Per day 1000 visitors Without Google toko online murah

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