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Optimalisasi Mesin Telusur (SEO) 

jasa seo handal A survey by international research institutions some time ago revealed that most of the company's employees are not "happy " with the reason they are not satisfied with the salary and worried about their future after retirement . Why ?
All right. Us directly to the main topic that is only about money , which for most people is one of the tranquility of life parameters . There are three ways to earn lots of money in a short time . First , win the lottery . Second , the legacy and the third can marry a rich man .
The third way was short though but if we notice there is one major factor that make these three things a bit difficult to realize . This factor is control . You do not have control when you can inheritance or lottery win . Marriage with the rich rival weight and definitely need a big fortune .
There should be an effective way and you have control there .
That's right - you need to start a business . This method is more effective even than money in the bank and hand over your money to be played obat pembesar penis by the fund manager .
There are two mentalities in the working world . You work for someone else or you hire someone else . Business you work for someone else or you have your own business .
I do not mean to say that working for someone else it is bad . Lots of good reasons to be employees of another person . For example , working for a company make you learn how to run a business so that you can open your own business . In fact , I used to be an employee at a company for more than 10 years .
In other words , you work for someone else while you learn and get paid for your education . Many successful people who went from the bottom to learn from other people's work . This experience can not be bought . Imagine when you have to pay your school education . With a worker , your boss pay for your learning . Deal is much better right?
Well , now we assume that you 've made ​​the decision to start a business . You 've learned from the experience of others in the business world . Now you have aspirations to become ...... the term : businessman or entrepreneur .
Definition of entrepreneur is :

People who run the business successfully
He uses his business to generate passive income ( passive income )
He sold his business to expand or
According to the dictionary , the definition of " employer " to include the word " risk " . This is important because to run a business you have to invest money and time . It's possible you are not getting any business and you fall . This part of the game and there are iklan baris gratis  three things you should be aware of before starting a business .
First , make the intention . This is important because most of us just want to enjoy the end result without going through the process step - by- step . Intention is necessary to maintain your spirits , especially early-stage ditahap heavy . Your chance to be successful could rise 80 % with the strength of this intention . You are more confident stride and not get confused to start a business .
Second , set goals (goals ) . Allocate time to write down what your goals in business . Write on a paper and put it in places that you can see . For example , glass bathrooms .
Required destination so that you are consistent in your business trip . Why ? Because the road to success will be full of obstacles . Successful obat pembesar penis entrepreneurs achieve success with the ups and downs through the many obstacles in the way . You fall , you get up again . Two things will happen : You are ultimately successful or you're done . Even if you finish someone else will take your hat and appreciate your struggle . Your experience even richer.
Third , good luck . Those who succeed can not say they were not lucky . Luck is very important . But luck will not come if we do not try . You should try once , twice , and so on until the door opens luck . Those who succeed are endowed luck . The trick is to not stop trying until finally luck come your way .
With you constantly try eventually become proficient and understand the most effective ways of doing business . Okay , a lot of people say , " 9 out of 10 people in the business will fail " . No need to worry because you still have a 10% chance of success . Compare with the possibility of winning the lottery . 10 % is a realistic figure and is open to success .
Now how to start a business the first step . Business is action and action is an extension of thought . Own thoughts arise after the idea down . So the first step is to find business ideas on what is most suitable for you .
I have a philosophy that the idea emerged of serenity within . Observation try yourself and see what you have that you can offer to the world . View the expertise and skills. Then look around and jasa pembuatan toko online murah observe the activities that may fit with what you 've got and you are sure you can do it better .
You can start from things that you like or whatever you normally do , but this pulau pari time make in the context of the business to make money . The idea does not have to be complex . Padang restaurant is everywhere . On offer is the fast food of Land Minang . It's simple right? Use your creativity to make it better and do not get sucked into the mentality of workers who expect a steady income and safe .
One more thing is the time factor . You need to compromise with the times and realize that the time is friends , not competitors . The process takes time and patience . The more you practice the more proficient you become . One day when you 're looking forward to is coming . On the day that you say that you do not regret doing it all . Days where you feel the success of your own business .Google Webmaster Tools is a tool provided by Google to the Webmaster ( website owners ) . This tool helps to keep the website or blog you can be monitored by a maximum of Google , and on the other hand gave a detailed report to your blog pulau pari .LAST UPDATE June 10, 2012 ( Version Equipped Indonesian and some changes because it changes the template )Highly recommended to register your blog with Google Webmaster Tools . This can make your website indexed faster ( each new article could be indexed in a matter of less than a minute ) . This course will be very beneficial in the competition article , due to hot topic again , Google is the first priority should not dwell terindex.Jadi width , we just see the Google Webmaster Tools how to register the following :

If you use plaform , you should login first
Now open the page of Google Webmaster Tool
You will be asked to log in page of Google Webmaster Tools ( GWT ) , enter your Google account username and password brothers .
After login , all your blog listed on usually will be instantly displayed . If there are blogs that have not been listed because it is outside platform , please add by clicking ADD or ADD A SITE SITE
If your blog platform , then usually your blog in automatically already be verified ownership . But if not , then the easiest way is to select the copy and paste method of meta tags .
To make sure your blog has been verified please go to the verification page of the blog . Select the blog you want to verify and click MANAGE MANAGE SITE or SITE
There will be a dropdown menu , click ADD OR REMOVE USER or ADD OR REMOVE USER
There will be a new look , and in that view there is a box with the words OWNER or OWNER . Place the mouse cursor on the box , it will display another dropdown menu . obat aborsi Click the OWNER VERIFICATION VERIFICATION PAGE or PAGE OWNER
If there are written as below means the blog has been verified
Email Result Date Method52 days ago4/2/12 10:37:09 PM UTC Verification succeeded . HTML file

If not , please click the link .... Verify using a different method or Verify using a different method
Select Add a meta tag to your site 's home page or add a meta tag to your site's home page , and you will be given a code meta tag . Copy the code and return to your blogspot account .
Select Menu TEMPLATE on your account , then click the EDIT HTML tab
You will be prompted to proceed to the EDIT HTML tool
Paste code Meta tag was just under the code <head>
    obat telat bulan
If so, then immediately click SAVE TEMPLATE EDIT HTML box below . Wait until the changes are stored
Return to the window where you copy the meta code earlier, and then click the Verify button on the bottom .
If you do it right , then his status will be SUCCESS .
Now go back to the Home Google Webmaster Tool that displays all of your blogs . ( if confused just click the link provided )
Please click on the name of the blog that you want to process in Google Webmaster Tool ( blue printed blog URL )
New window will appear which is the dashboard of the GWT for the blog
On the left side of the dashboard there are several menu options . Click optimization , and then click SITE MAP .
On the right side of the display there is a choice sitemap ADD / TEST SITE MAP .
If your blog blogspot platform , then enter feeds / posts / default into the fields and click SUBMIT ( if not , then enter the sitemap of your blog by platform )
Now Google Webmaster account you have already finished , and sitemap already installed .... Note the left sidebar on your screen . There is a menu that you can use to monitor your blog . Click TRAFFIC
On the menu there are the following tools alat bantu sex :
SEARCH QUERIES - This is to monitor any keywords used to find your blog
LINKS TO YOUR SITE - To monitor the number of links and any URL that links to your blog
INTERNAL LINKS - To monitor the condition of the link between your blog page

source :

SEO stands for " search engine optimization " ( search engine optimization ) or " search engine optimizer " . By using SEO services is a big decision that can improve your site and save time , but also high risk to the site and reputation . Ensure investigate the possible benefits and drawbacks that can be caused by an irresponsible SEO for your site . Many SEOs pasang iklan baris gratis tanpa daftar  and other agencies and consultants provide useful services for website selector , include :

Review of your site content or structure
Technical advice on website development : for example , hosting , redirects , error pages , use of JavaScript
content development
Management of online business development campaigns
Keyword research
SEO training
Expertise in specific markets and geographies .
Keep in mind that the Google search results page includes organic search results and paid advertisements usually (denoted by the heading " Sponsored Links " ) . Advertising with Google will not affect the appearance of your site in our search results . Google does not accept payment to include or rank sites in our search results , and the emergence of free of charge in our organic search results . Free resources such as Webmaster Tools , the official Webmaster Central blog , and our discussion forum can provide a lot of information about how to optimize your alat bantu sex site for organic search .
Before you start looking for SEO , it is advisable to understand and recognize first how search engines work . We recommend starting here :

Google Webmaster Guidelines
Google 101 : How Google crawls, indexes and displays web .
If you are planning on using SEO services , then the sooner the better . The most appropriate time to use the SEO services is when you are planning a site redesign , or want to launch a new site . That way , you and your SEO can ensure that you design a site that is easily recognizable search engines . However , good SEO is that can also improve an existing site .
Some useful questions for SEO include :

Can you show me examples pulau tidung of your previous work and share some success stories ?
Do you comply with Google Webmaster Guidelines ?
Do you offer any online marketing services or advice to complement your organic search business ?
Type search results if you want to see and in what time frame ? How do you measure your success ?
What's your experience in my industry ?
What's your experience in my country / city I ?
What is your experience in developing international site ?
What is the most important SEO techniques for you ?
How long have you worked in this business ?
How can I contact you ? Are you willing to give out all the changes you make to my site , and provide detailed information about your recommendations and all reason?
Although many SEO that provide valuable services to clients , but there are some unscrupulous SEO that have tarnished the industry with a very aggressive marketing actions and the results of search engine manipulation actions in ways that are not fair . Practices that violate our guidelines may lead to a negative assessment of the existence of your site in Google , or pulau tidung even the removal of your site from our index . Here are some things to consider :
One common scam is the creation domain " shadow " which directs users to a fake site using redirection . These shadow domains often is a domain owned by the SEO who claims to be working on behalf of clients . However , if the relationship is not going well , SEO will point the domain to a different site , or even to a competitor's domain . If that happens , the client has to pay to develop a rival site owned entirely by the SEO .
Other illicit practice is to place "doorway" pages loaded with keywords on the client's site . SEO obat aborsi promises to make the page more relevant to a variety of searches . This is wrong because every page is rarely relevant to the keywords that are very much choice . But more dangerous is that these doorway pages often contain malicious links to other SEO clients as well . Such doorway pages can reduce the popularity of a website and direct link to SEO as well as other clients , which may include sites with inappropriate or illegal content .
If you feel cheated by SEO , you can report it .
In the United States , the Federal Trade Commission ( FTC ) handles complaints about deceptive practices or unfair business . To file a report , please visit : and click " Submit Reports Online ," call 1-877-FTC-HELP , or contact :

The Federal Trade Commission
CRC - 240
Washington , D.C. 20580
If your complaint is addressed to companies in countries obat telat bulan  other than the United States , please send to .

Be wary of SEO firms and web consultants or agencies that send you unsolicited email .

And surprisingly , we also got this spam email :

"Dear ,
I have visited your website and found that your website is not listed in the major search engines and directories ... "

Be skeptical of unsolicited email about search engines , just like your email address advertisement pill " diet while sleeping " or request transfer of money from criminals .
No one can guarantee a # 1 ranking on Google .

Beware of SEOs that claim to guarantee rankings, allege has a " special relationship " with Google , or advertise a " priority submit " to Google . There is no priority submit for Google . In fact , the only way to submit a site to Google directly is through our Add URL page or by submitting a Sitemap and you can do it at no cost whatsoever.
Be wary of companies alat bantu sex  that are confidential or not tell exactly what will be done .

Ask for explanations if something is unclear . If SEO creating content that is not true or false on your behalf , such as doorway pages or domains or " throwaway " , your site will be removed entirely from the Google index . Ultimately , you are responsible for tinfakan company you use their services , so it would be nice if you know in advance how they will help you . If an SEO has FTP access to your server , SEO should be able to explain all the changes made ​​to your site .
You do not need to put up a link to SEO .

Avoid SEOs that say about the power of the " free for all " , link popularity schemes , or submitting your site to thousands of search engines . This is a practice that is not useful and does not affect your ranking in the search results of major search engines - at least , alat bantu sex murah not according to your expectations .
Choose wisely .

If you plan to take advantage of SEO services , you should do some research on the industry . Of course , Google is one way to do it . You might also look at some stories that warn you in print media , including an article about the aggressive SEO : . Because Google does not comment on specific companies , we found some companies that consider themselves SEOs who follow practices that clearly do not fit the prevailing business ethics . Be careful .
You have to understand where your money flows .

jual alat bantu sex While Google never sells better ranking in our search results , there are several other search engines combine search results pay-per- click or pay - for - inclusion results with their regular web search . Some SEOs will promise to give you high rankings in the search engines , but place you in the advertising section rather than in the search results . Some SEO even change the price bid in real time to show as if they have " control " over the other search engines and can place themselves at will . This scam does not work at Google because our advertising is really labeled and separated from the search results , but be sure to ask any SEO on which the cost incurred for permanent inclusion and which are for temporary advertising .
Abuse of what is most commonly encountered web site owners ?
What other things to look out for ?

There are some warning signs that you're dealing with a rogue SEO . It was not acceptable , so if in doubt , trust your instincts . Of course , stay away if the SEO alat bantu sex  :
owns shadow domains
put links to other clients on doorway pages
offers to sell keywords in the address bar
does not distinguish between actual search results and ads that appear on search results pages
guarantees ranking , but only on keyword phrases that are long and it is not clear that will you get .
operates with many aliases or fake WHOIS info
get traffic from search engine " false " , spyware , or scumware
domains that have been removed from Google's index or is not listed in Google

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