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Mencoba Bisnis Online Afiliasi Hosting Hostgator $50 per sign up

For those of you who want to try searching for the dollar coins , it does not hurt to try this one online business that Hostgator Hosting Affiliate . As we know , Hostgator is one of the renowned and reputed webhosting services . And one of the ways of their marketing strategy is through this affiliation , so we 'll get a reward if we are able to sell or refer people to buy hosting there peluang usaha online  .

HostGator is actually the main purpose of the event is not for business , but that they have a lot of clients . Then bagimana land can be made as an online affiliate business ? The answer is simple , we just take advantage of the opportunities that exist in plain sight . Hostgator $ 50 reward for every one person we refer . And we are able to capitalize free .

How it Works Affiliate

1 . Hostgator Affiliate Become a Member

First you register first become affiliate member HostGator

Make sure you fill in with the correct data , due later on jual alat bantu sex when you are asked to verify payment by uploading scanned ID or ID card .
After that, login and go to the Banner Links , select one of the banner and later to copy the URL of your affiliate link like this and paste it in a notepad , a good store . ~ affiliat / cgi - bin / affiliates / clickthru.cgi ? id = bambangoke -

2 . Buying Domain free

For the domain we can use free domain CO.CC. To try to select a domain name that is interesting , because later we will use as our web hosting promotion .

3 . Buying in Hostgator Hosting

You may ask , would not there have to pay ? Yes indeed pay . So free ga dunk . Why not use free hosting as well as 000webhost . Okay , let me explain. The reason is because HostGator does not allow to make a sales page with free hosting .

We can get 1 month free hosting from HostGator by using the COUPON , well for the first month you already try to get people to sign up at least 1 person , so you've got $ 50 . And can be used for hosting payment of the second and subsequent months ie $ 9.95 per month hosting fee . So you still alat bantu sex pria have the $ 40.05 to get into the account .

Please buy one hosting package , could Hatchling Plan or Baby Plan . I suggest you choose the Baby plan because it will get unlimited domains and bandwidth that can be used not only for the sales page but also if you have another domain .

And here are the steps in brief

1 . Clean cookies , free
2 . Affiliate list , free
3 . CO.CC domain made , free
4 . Messages paid hosting free can be used ( with COUPONS and METHODS that I have prepared )
5 . Navigate the setting name server ( NS ) from CO.CC domain to Hostgator hosting , free
6 . Create a Paypal account , free
7 . Create a sales letter ( online brochures ) - Already we have prepared , can be downloaded for free

For an explanation of domain settings , download sales pages, and how to get free hosting I did not explain in detail here .

You can contact me via email bembenk_okeman [ at] or via IM : bembenk_okeman . Subject : Hostgator Affiliate Business

I will help , provided you follow the link and sign up through my Referral . alat bantu sex wanita  If not I help you stay well , help disseminate information to you through the post this hosting affiliate business .

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