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Open the rent a car business

Open the rent a car business - KAISARBET.COM AGEN BOLA TERPERCAYA PIALA DUNIA 2014 At this time the world of transportation in Indonesia crept up , good transportation and mass transit leasing or rental in the area of ​​transportation . Vehicle needs is increasingly rising , people today want things to be practical and easy . So they choose a car to transport all members of his family or in a vehicle . But by looking at the state of Indonesian society that remains largely classified among the medium , most people do not have a car , chances are it is used as a reason for the importance of open car rent business .

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Financial planning and control , by means of :
cash flow projections ( do not forget to enter the backup vehicle depreciation costs ) ,
conduct an orderly administration and bookkeeping , such as customer data records , inventory records office , records the entry and exit of money / day ( daily cash book ) , and others ,
record income / monthly ,
record sheet / month .
Planning of marketing strategies , including :
car rental pricing policies as well as the mode of payment ,
market targeting , people from economy class whether that be your goal ,
variation in services offered to give more value to rent your car ,
promotion , to attract t
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Administration of order and legality of the lease agreement contract vehicles
Cover the risk of loss of vehicle with car insurance

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