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The existence of a youth in the progress

The existence of a youth in the progress of a nation is that we can not deny . The role of youth is very important and havAfatogel.com Bandar Terbesar Situs Togel Online Terpercayae an impact on the progress of a nation . Then what is the role of Muslim women in this regard ? Certainly very regard , and very tightly bound . In what ways Muslim women Participate in the progress of a nation ? By way of keeping kehormatannya.Hem , , yes .. definitely confused friend bagimana kehortman relationship between women , the progress of a nation and its relationship with self is not keeping tabarruj ? Let us refer to any kind of yes , a chain of three . Keep in mind , According To Sharai tabarruj includes showing what should not be shown , dressed in revealing the nakedness , water - ikhtilath ( mixed up ) with Ajnabi ( one who is not her mahram ) , in contact with them through a handshake , overcrowding , and so on , Including flirty effect in walking and talking in front of them . Then , how the relationship tabarruj the progress of a nation ? In accordance with the word of GOD Almighty in the letter AN - Nur verse 31 , the which means :
" Say to the believing wome
Hotel Murah Di Jakarta n , ' let their gaze , and maintaining his cock , and they do not show the usual pehiasaannya visible except from view . And let them cover with a cloth hood to his chest , and not to show her jewelry except to their husbands , or to their fathers , or their sons , or their brothers , or sons of their husbands , or Muslim women , or the slaves - slaves that they have , or the Servants of men who do not have the desire ( of women ) , or the children who do not understand about women genitalia . and they do not hit the legs to make it known that they hide jewelry . and ye repent to Allah O believers that you prosper " . (Surah An Nur : 31 ) .
 Kuliner Balikpapan Women who guarded her chastity will Affect the progress of the nation . View of the Muslim woman who is always awake , maintain genitalia , and keeping away from the un - Islamic appearance will keep the mental and character of a nation . Of course this will make people feel safe here with his views . Feeling protected from the unexpected things. Maintaining mental character and this is a nation that will be the motivation to be better in every way . Especially young girls . A growing number of Muslim women who menjada honorarium , will impact the mental and moral pembentuka tersbut of the nation . Muslims who continues to maintain his honor will always maintain the family 's honor . Families who maintained her dignity , honor will always keep their environment . And protected environment will certainly Affect the harmony and the preservation of a nation . It will rub off on other c─▒rcumstances . Kebaiakn infectious mamapu this is expected to change the environment in the state , and ultimately have a major impact on the life of the nation . If we do not maintain the character , then who will ? ?
A wife who sholehah , will menjada kehortmatan her husband . Husband and wife was always maintain honor . Maintain mutual respect , good will spawn offspring anyway . Of c─▒rcumstances like that , there will be better conditions . Mental fa

milies will be maintained , and minimize the corruption of the nation that is increasingly becoming , for indeed , the improvement started from small things, starting with the nearest , and starting from now . As per the word of GOD S.W.T. The letter An Nisa verse 34 , " Then the woman who was devout Sholihah , maintaining self again when her husband was not there because God has been keeping them . " ( Surat an - Nisa ' : 34 ) .
Thus , let us start from the top , to be a woman sholehah , keep from tabarruj , and always
Believe that Allah is his Lord Subhaanahu wata'ala , and Muhammad sallallaahu ' alaihi wasallam is His prophet , and his Islamic guidelines . The effect was apparent in all the words , actions , and deeds . He would stay away from anything that causes the wrath of God , fear the punishment of his extremely poignant , and not
Bintaro Xchange Mall  deviate from his rule .
always keep praying five times with wudlu'nya , Humility ' in fulfilled , and establish prayer on time , so there is nothing to occupy from the prayer . Nothing is neglect of the worship of God Subhaanahu wata'ala so obvious to him that the fruit of prayer . Because prayer was mecegah indecency and evil , and the wall of the act maksia
keep her hijab with a sense of pleasure . So he does not go out except in a state of neat hijab , seek refuge with Allah and thank Him for the honor given by the law of the veil , where God Subhaanahu wata'ala desiring chastity for him with the hijab . Allah says : Meaning : " O Prophet , Tell your wives , your daughters and wives of the believers : " Let them stretch out to their entire body veil " . Such so that they are Easier to be known , therefore they are not disturbed . And Allah is Oft - Forgiving , Most Merciful . " ( Surat al - Ahzab : 59 ) .
Muslim woman always keep obedience to her husband , Seiya one word , love him , take him to the goodness , advising , maintaining well-being , do not harden her voice and words , and do not hurt her .
From the description above we can take some lessons , that women who sholehah , borne keep her honor , her husband and her family , will be giving out a p

ositive effect of kemjauan moral nation . Because the nation 's character at the start of a family education . Hopefully this article useful for all Khumaira friend , , greetings ...
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