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How to Use Plus VITERNA komboran

How to Use Plus VITERNA komboran is by mixing the concentrate feed or other feed to dose : 1 bottle cap VITERNA to about 5 kg of feed .Giving suggested since the age of duck starter ( 1minggu ) until production or produce eggs .Example Feeding Patterns
Seasonbet77 Agen Bola Resmi Promo 100% SBOBET IBCBET Sambut Piala Dunia 2014records ; general pattern of feeding during infancy increases every week , weight-adjusted ducks . As a rule , increase in the recommended feed about 15 grams / week / tail . So in week 9 of feed given as much as 615 grams / week / tail , until the 24th week of 840 grams / week / tail . Or ration feeding done 2 times a day , at 09.00 and at 14.00 .
Disease controlThe first action performed on laying ducks maintenance effort is to prevent the outbreak of disease in livestock .Some preventive measures are as follows :

Land that is used to maintain laying ducks must be free of communicable diseases .
Cages and ponds must be strong , safe and free of disease . If the former is used cages of ducks that have been attacked by the disease , quite dicucihamakan cages with disinfectant , then left for some time . If the former duck enclosure healthy enough to be washed with plain water .
Ducks new entry should be added to the quarantine enclosure used with special treatment . Ducks are thought to contain germs fur should be bathed with a solution of carbolic soap , Neguvon , Bacticol Pour , Triatek or granade 5 % EC with a concentration of 4.5 grams / 3 liters of water . To remove a tick , ducks can also be bathed 3-6 berkontrasi Asuntol solution gram/3liter water .
Not pursued cage moist and free of puddles . High humidity and stagnant water can be used as a growing medium of germs and perkembangbiakanya .
Do vaccinated regularly . Vaccination is intended to prevent the outbreak of disease by viruses .
Setting the right cage density . High- density cages can lead to various diseases .
Cleanliness and freshness of the food must be maintained . Do not give stale feed the ducks / ducks . Feed should be stored in dry, free from mildew and musty odors .
Some of the diseases that can attack laying ducks are :

Parasitic diseases ( dysentery , intestinal worms ) Situs Judi Poker Online Terbaik Terpercaya    Bacterial diseases ( salmonellosis , cholera , poisoning , leg swelling , pasteurellosis , corryza / runny nose , snoring , coccidiosis )
Disease Virus ( Smallpox , Hepatitis Ducks )
Other diseases caused by fungi ( pneumonia , afloktosikosis )

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