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Tips Mencari Cewek di dunia maya

alat bantu sex Many roads lead to Rome , many ways to be a playboy , a lot of places to look for her .
One of my favorite places in search of a woman is the internet , or any other virtual world facilities . Because here the challenge is different by looking woman in real life . And every so often I succeed in cyberspace , with the quality and quantity of exceptional anyway .
Many people said that hard to find women in cyberspace . Ah .. who's to say ? Almost every week I get a new woman through cyberspace . So I want to share , tips and tricks to become playboy in cyberspace .
There are actually a few places for hunting , obat telat bulan such as Facebook , mIRC , Netlog , and some other social networking site . And now that more exciting is the program of the Blackberry , the Jingu and Remko .
1 . mIRC . Is a vehicle that has a very long chat , I began to recognize mIRC since 1995 . Here we can interact directly , just choose a nickname that we want, for example Female_Jkt . Her tips when playing in mIRC , nickname should be smart looking . For our nickname , do not use vulgar , for example co_haus_sex , co_butuh_ce , etc. . Because girls will usually ignored that we greet . Continue to choose a nickname that we also do not want to rush any . Do not select a nickname like ce_bisyar , ce_ingin_dibelai , etc. . Why ? Because usually these names are a spammer , not the real man . Even if real human beings , they will long to reply to our greeting , because the queue and greet them mengerubutin buanyak it all. Do not believe it ? you just try to login with ce_kepingin name , believe me , you will want to reciprocate greetings confused myself who , because of which could go dozens at once . Choose a nickname that perfectly natural , for example you can select andre_28jkt . Continue to prey select for example putri_jkt wrote , mayang_jkt , etc. .
Say hello to the common , and immediately you love the info ASL ( age , sex , location ) you . For example , " hello , I am 28 m jkt , should know ? " . Remember , do not you guys who asked you first about the girls asl . As playboy , be a gentleman. If ignored ? yes just look for another , there are still hundreds of girls why in mIRC . Begin talking to ordinary , do not take a stale topic , for example where the work , blah - blah - blah . Find another topic , alat bantu sex wanita for example, just say , " yeah sure many who invite you to talk ? " Or the guys who started the story about the funny things . Let the girls feel different when talking to us . Be your playboy " expensive " , not cheesy like sex criminals are scattered out there . Playboy vary with sex criminals .
Well , after getting familiar , ask his obat aborsi  Facebook address , IM , or twitter . It's meant to look like what he's photograph . After that , try to ask him his phone number . Once given , your direct tel . To ensure that the correct number . Talks on the phone as well to be sure , you do not be nervous . Still convinced aja . If he's working again , or I'm busy , you do not stay long telpnya . Tanya wrote , should not phone tonight ? If I may , it's nice . But when the conversation turns chatting when you are very familiar , try it you immediately invite see , for example, take coffee-coffee .
2 . Facebook , netlog , etc. . In this social networking site obat pembesar penis , we can immediately see the picture of the woman we want . But remember , do not be too trusting first , especially if the face is very pretty . Usually it's deceptive , believe me . Moreover, the picture is too sexy , and there are only a few pictures , wah .. mending not proceed deh . 90% of the fake profile . In addition you also see the comment in its wall , from there it can be diliat how long do you think she is active in social networking . This is important , because when he wrote recently active in social networking , it could be a fake profile . For photos , not hurt you open the site because there buanyak www.sggirls.com all photos of beautiful women . Well usually fake profile-profile take photos from there . If you are confident with profilenya , start by sending a message to inboxnya him , or add as a friend . Messages can only invite acquaintances , or perhaps compliment . I often send a message like this , " hi , you're beautiful , maybe the meaning of beauty is you . " Hihihihihi . In some cases this success . In fact, I had a date with a model, which I get from Facebook , thanks to an email like this .
3 . Jingu , Remko . Program of the Blackberry uses a alat bantu sex combination of the above two tactics . It's easier because usually bbm pin numbers can be directly plasticity . But remember , do not believe the photos are too pretty , or too sexy . Usually a fake photo .
I do not know some women that I get from the virtual world , ranging from the usual wrote , until the model class , and even up to the bed , there is no term pay . In my life , just so I can be a woman friend of the term cyberspace that pay for sex . The rest , TTM . It all depends on us aja speak . Anyways if paid , it does not playboy name , but artisan snack . Believe it or not , I am again at this time a very intimate relationship with a beautiful woman who I knew from one social networking site , and it turns out he was the grandson alat bantu sex of one of the conglomerates that exist in this country . Do I use the science of pellets ? oh nooo ... not in my dictionary . All of the speak - speak aja . Do I have a luxury car ? Until now I still take a taxi everywhere anyway .
In essence , the virtual world is a fertile ground for you to be a playboy pasang iklan baris gratis tanpa daftar.

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