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Trik Jitu Rayu Cewek Agar Mau Di Ajak Berhubungan Sex

Strategies Tricks To Seduce Women Want In Sex Related Invite
obat pembesar penis Seducing a woman or girl tricks so he would be invited to ML | is actually a way to seduce the woman or very easy depending perempun kitanya itself as a smart guy flirting with her smart , well for those of you guys who are not good at seducing dhany will give tips or How To Seduce Women Want in Related invite Intimate

a. The reason is a mismatch

frequency of sex

Frequency of sexual desire is different between each person , so finding the right frequency , couples often do not find a match . Needs frequent sex also depends on the relationship ( emotional ) . You certainly lazy fuck that hate each other anymore .

Love will give you a smooth road to flood more meaningful and satisfying . However , when the sex starts to fade and the party began to often say , iklan terbaik " Not tonight , honey " , then dissatisfaction occurs more often .


Each of us has different sexual tastes and also varies at different stages of our lives . Couples who have a higher sex drive is most likely to feel rejected and hurt when sexual desires are not reciprocated . On the other hand , couples with lower sex drive can feel depressed and angry at having to have sex even when she could not do it .


Missionary position works very well among many couples . Then , there was one time where one partner wants to do something out of the ordinary to break the boredom . If this desire is not reciprocated , dissatisfaction inevitable .

b . solution to deal with it


Denial of sex can be not on the basis of partner's desires . pembesar penis In this case , find a way to seduce her until she was aroused .


The process of enjoying each other sexually is not a rigid process , but flows naturally . Since it has been officially tied , your spouse is the best authority to be mutually satisfying . Practice gentle sex experiment to find out what makes him happy . After that , add the results of your experiments in lovemaking session as usual .


It is important to express mutual sexual desire in a way that does not hurt the feelings of the couple. Avoid sounding demanding delivery desire , criticized , or accused . If the problem lies in the lack of sexual experiences , give reasons why you want to stay away from sex routine that will also be beneficial sexual pleasure .

Do not force

Sexual pleasure is not associated with " mechanical ability " , but rather to how two individuals to each other "connected " . What matters is how emotions and your physical interrelated . And , avoid demanding partner to try a new position with the only aim to enhance your enjoyment .

How to Seduce Women To Want intercourse or ML

1 . Right place and situation
Place the situation is the most important factor that boyfriend wanted to have ML . You may not immediately pulled into a public restroom and not step on the gas ?

Your girlfriend will want to have sex if she feels obat pembesar penis are in a safe place and have privacy . He must be sure that the situation is safe , in the sense that will not be known by others .

Boarding room is the best place to launch your action . Another good place is vacant home , hotel , or villa . But still most good boarding place because the level of privacy , and also cheap . Many girlfriends who do not want to be invited to the hotel for fear of being seen and considered not invited to ML , but that's the goal right?

If you do not have a boarding place , borrow your friend a boarding place for one day . If a boyfriend can be invited to stay , then the situation will be better again . That means you will definitely have sex .

One good way is also to travel out of town and stay . The situation outside the city so perfectly that boyfriend wanted to have ML .

2 . Raise Estrus
Well , you might think that the game started at this time , so that direct assault girlfriend into lust .

Not right !

Raise lust boyfriend does not have to be physically , especially if you want to persuade a girlfriend that wanted to have ML .

Women are very easily aroused with his mind , and ears . Just by speaking too you can raise a boyfriend lust . Pleasant conversation with sexist obat aborsi jokes is a powerful weapon for this . Do not forget interspersed with tickling action .

When your girlfriend laugh with a funny and pleasant conversation , it would be easy to make him aroused naturally and increase the likelihood boyfriend wanted to have sex .

If you have the trimmings , watching movies is a very powerful way to increase lust boyfriend . Of course nasty movie is the best choice . But be careful , your girlfriend might actually angry when asked to watch a nasty movie .

There are several ways to overcome this .

First , use a video nasty furore and invite him to watch a video nasty domestic production through the phone . It is somewhat easier , because everyone is familiar with this case since the circulation of a video nasty Ariel .

Secondly , if you wanted to invite boyfriends obat telat bulan to watch hardcore porn movies , ensure boyfriend in a state of good cheer and a happy heart . You can joke with him before asking to watch porn movies . Pretend that the idea for a porno movie was just a thought at that moment , rather than already planned .

Third , women are not only aroused by porn movies only. Instead I suggest to watch a romantic movie , with some artistic love scenes . Films like this greatly affects women's feelings and the burning lust of the so boyfriend wanted to have sex.

3 . Flirt Gombal

Of course this is the most lethal weapon for women . They were created to be fooled by the sweet nothings . Order to encourage ML boyfriend want to have sex , sweet nothings are your hopes .

As a true gombalis , of seduction you are not just limited to mere words . The secret is : Acting !

Before your girlfriend want to have sex , she has to trust you . When this is the acting skills needed to convince her that you are a real man who can be trusted and relied upon .

Hold her hand with affection , hug her gently , kissed her forehead lovingly and say that you love him . Say that you feel very comfortable when close to him . Tell them that you will not leave . Do this by convincing acting . Although your desire already in the crotch of the crown, try to act with a gentle and caring .

The last sentence is the most powerful , say that you are going to marry her .

4 . Make Him Enjoy

In order for a boyfriend want to have sex , she alat bantu sex has to feel comfortable with you physically . Therefore, start with a gentle heating action , make him enjoy everything you do . Do not directly attack the command center , because he might activate defense in depth .

Start at the top with soft kisses on her ear as he whispered praise . Says that she is beautiful , says it smells , says her skin soft . Whatever, the critical praise , praise , praise .

When you start off to uncover her , stop a while to get approval . View her with pleading eyes ( acting ) while your hands unbuttoning her shirt so slowly . alat bantu sex  Gently kiss her lips until all the buttons apart . Repeat until there was a piece of cloth to cover himself .

The essence of this stage is to hide your lust passionate and replace it with tenderness ( Acting ) pasang iklan baris gratis tanpa daftar.

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