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Allergy problems should not be taken lightly

Allergy problems should not be taken lightly . If allergies are not addressed they can lead to complications in which the SOCCERINDO AGEN BOLA ONLINE WORLD CUP 2014 swelling of the nasal passages and eustachian tube leading to the ear , causing a secondary infection of the sinuses or middle ear problems and the formation of asthma .
* By : adp insect fossil is examined further , it turns out there is pollen in it . The insect fossils estimated age of 100 million years . So it is expected that the pollen of the same age .
During the end of Creta period ( Cretaceous Period ) associated with the estimated time of the discovery of the fossil, thought to flowering plants began to diversify ( development of various species ) , especially replacing conifer group that dominated at that time .
According to Carmen Soriano , the researcher who discovered the fossil, it is the process of pollination oldest ever known and the only one in the dinosaur age . Co - evolution of flowering plants and insects is an exam
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Rock amber containing insects were found at a site in northern Spain and successfully raised her picture with synchrotron techniques at the European Synchrotron Radiation Facility ( ESRF ) in Grenoble , France . This discovery is the discovery of two species at the same time called thrips Gymnospollisthrips G. major and minor .
The insect is very small , only 2 millimeter in length , especially when compared with the other animals in his day were average sized .
Note the photo above . Looks pollen found on the surface of the insect 's body . According to researchers the pollen comes from a group fern plants Haji ( Cycas ) or Ginko biloba still exists today .3.LAkukan blansir ( blanching ) by means mengisuk fruit pieces for 5 minutes or by soaking hot water ( - + 80 ` C ) during 3menit.jika processed citrus fruit or soursop is then the process is not necessary blansir
4.Pembuatan yyaitu fruit pulp with mem - blender piece of fruit that has been in blansir , to orange using a lemon squeezer
5.Saringlah fruit pulp obtained , can be helped with the pressing , so that the filtrate ( fruit juice ) obtained yyang more

KAISARBET.COM AGEN BOLA TERPERCAYA PIALA DUNIA 20146.Tambahkan Dextrin ( maltodextrin ) some two thirds of the volume of juice obtained as filler ( Filler ) ang binding berpungsi fruit aromas and flavors while dikeringkan.Gunakan dextrinyyang has a value of DE ( Dextrin Equivalent ) Low ( DE 10-15 ) that powder obtained durable ( not easily clot )
Egg white 7.Tmbahkan number of _ +2 % A mixture of the above ( 20 gm to 1 kg of fruit ) , stirring until done stirring rata.Selanjutnya ( homohenisasi ) with a mixer until foamy .
8.Tuang into the pan , spread out thinly , then dry in an oven at a temperature of 55-65 ` C until dry ( _ +6 - 8 hours )
9.Lempengan thin juice that has been dried and then crushed with a blender , but if you want the size of coarse it does not need to be blended , in order to smooth uniform size then Perli in sifter
10.Tambbahkan sugar / refined sugar as much as half of the amount of pollen produced
11.Penambahan citric acid ( Citric Acid / Citroen Zuur ) , for each number of each type of fruit is different , for example, to orange / sour
Gudang303 Agen Bola Resmi Promo 100% SBOBET IBCBET Jelang Piala Dunia 2014sop - +8 grm.Mangga guava - + 6grm , melon - + 5grm.Campur dry ( mixing ) , all so flat / .Agar fruit pollen obtained more durable ( not fast agglomerate preferably milling process / development blenderan , sifting , mixing in a dry and well sejuk.lebih in air conditioned )

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