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BENEFIT PLANT cat whiskers

BENEFIT PLANT cat whiskersLeaves wet or dry cat whiskers used as medicines . Judi Bola Online  In Indonesia, the leaves dry which is used ( crude drug ) as a drug that expedite expenditure of urine ( diuretic ) , while in India For treating rheumatism . Community use cat whiskers as traditional medicine as a cough cure rheumatism , colds and constipation . Besides, the leaves of this plant are also useful untu treatment of kidney inflammation , kidney stones , diabetes , albuminuria , and disease syphilis .
4 . PLANTING CENTER cat whiskersUntil now , many cats whiskers cultivation centers exist in Java . Both in lowland and highland .
5 . GROWTH CONDITIONS cat whiskers

Climate .
Rainfall which is ideal for the growth of this plant is over 3,000 mm / year .
With full sun with no shade . Shade will reduce levels of leaf extract .
The state of the air temperature both for the growth of plants that are heat to medium .
Growing Media
This plant can be easily grown in farms , to production should be chosen freeholder loose, fertile , many containing humus / organic matter with water and air that system either .
Andosol Land & aquaculture Latosol very good to make cat whiskers .
Altitude : The altitude optimum plant cat's whiskers 500-1200 m above sea level . [ TERMS OF GROWTH cat whiskers ]

Cultivation Method Cats WhiskerCultivation Method Cats Whisker
6 . RAISING GUIDELINES cat whiskers6.1 . Nurseries

Seed Preparation : How the most easy and plain is the cat's whiskers in order to develop vegetative
Pulau Pramuka propagation of cuttings with stems / branches . The plant material was taken from the clump that normal growth , lush and healthy .
Select the trunk / branches that are not too old or young and woody .
Cut the stem with a sharp knife / scissors to trim that clean .
Cut the stem into cuttings measuring 15-20 cm jointed 2-3 .
Discard most of the leaves For reduce water evaporation .
The seedlings needs For 1 acre with spacing 40 x 40 cm is needed 50000-62500 cuttings / ha . Seed Seeding Technique : Cuttings can be planted directly in the garden or planted first production in the nursery . In the nursery cuttings are planted with a spacing of 10x10 cm . Who still fresh cuttings planted directly in soil that has been cultivated as deep as 20 cm . After that watered 1-2 times a day depending on the weather and the rain that fell . If necessary nursery shade shaded with transparent plastic or straw / dried leaves . Once new shoots arise , seed production was moved to the garden ..6.2 . Media Processing Plant

Preparation : 30-40 cm cultivated soil , weeds  and other plants discarded . Once processed , the land was left 15 days .
Formation of Beds : Making beds made ​​after the second tillage which is demolishing chunks of land on which the first ground processing to get that crumb structure and friable soil . At the time of land preparation is also recommended giving both basic form of fertilizer or manure compost as much as 50-60 tons per hectare during the same time making beds . The pile is made ​​as wide as 100-120 cm height 30 cm and 40-50 cm spacing between beds . Length adjustable beds with the purposes and land
Fertilizer ( before planting ) : Make the
Pulau Tidung planting hole measuring 30x30x30 cm with a spacing of 40 x 60 cm . Enter as much as 2.4 to 3.2 kg of manure / soil hole and cover the hole . Mix the soil beds with 15-20 kg / ha of cow manure .

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