Selasa, 22 April 2014

It was getting dark , we rushed back to

It was getting dark , we rushed back to the city in area Kaliurang jogja because less will be lighting . On the road we found a place selling fresh milk 1 liter only Rp 4,500 , - we also bought a 2-liter just hold 2 hours if it is not put into the refrigerator .Jual Jam Tangan Online We went on the way home and because my friends have not prayed then we stopped at UII Jogja campus for prayer , on this campus has a super large mosque and a large library as well as a book store with 4 floors . Once satisfied to see this campus we go home to shower and cook fresh milk which is not durable .Fresh milk was our cook , and drink with a delicious taste at an affordable price . After resting for a few hours , we went on a long night with the surrounding city of Jogja . Starting from Malioboro by walking , seeing my friends are excited by buying lots of presents for family and boyfriend and myself do not buy anything because money is living hand to mouth hehehe ...To save money , we had dinner at the famous place and it turns out there is one of my friend 's birthday and she will treat us haha , I immediately ordered coffee joss that had never been tried , and it turns out the coffee taste better and even a little soft afraid of the side effects of charcoal . Having filled our stomachs direct photographs in place of interest in the city , namely jogja jogja monument , palace , and every monument or arch we definitely take pictures hahaha ...
Did not feel the time is at 02.00 but suasanya jogja city still looks crowded from various communities fixie bikes , etc. , we immediately went home to rest with a plan to leave tomorrow morning to be exact wonosari Sundak which he said is better than a machete tritis and Pindul and cave rafting in the river Oyo .
Details of the cost of day-to - 5 :1 . Buses Trans Jogja = Rp 3.000 , -2 . Lunch ( nasgor super + ice mix ) = Rp 14.000 , -3 . Rental + petrol motors Rp 50,000 : 2 people = Rp 25.000 , -4 . The fresh milk Rp 9,000 : 7 = Rp 1.300 , -5 . Dinner ( angkringan ) = free
Day 5 ( January 28, 2012 ) = Jogjakarta
As a result only a figment plan because we all just got up at 9 am and did not get to go to wonosari a short distance from the town Jogja . We started this morning with the breakfast activity combined with yellow rice lunch portion of a lot . At 12:30 we headed Dagadu counter genuine offer quality clothing at a price that is quite expensive ,
Jasa SEO Terbaik for t-shirts obrong 70ribu and assorted sandals for 30ribu . I'm just waiting for my friends who are shopping alone , in the hope I can come here with my parents and bought clothes Dagadu original hehehe ...

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