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Cultivation of fungi (mushrooms) are very easy, anyone can do it.

Cultivation of fungi (mushrooms) are very easy, anyone can do it.The most important thing we should be patient, patient and want a little tired.Terutamna which should be done in mushroom cultivation, is to keep the fungus remains in humid conditions (fungus must often be watered using a sprayer), maintaining the cleanliness of the place baglog and stored mushrooms. So it is very suitable Judi Poker Online dan Domino Kiu Kiu Uang Asli Indonesiaultivation is done either by those who have spare time or even who do not have time to spare.Who have the free time to directly address this cultivation and who do not have spare time to assign someone you trust to do it.
Advantages mushroom cultivation:- Cultivation is easy and does not require special skills, anyone can do it.- Only required perseverance, patience and hard work.- The sale price is favorable.
Mushroom cultivation with the aim to serve as a business baglognya recommended amount is 3000 baglog. By 3000 the number baglog, the gains can be felt. We see calculation below;
The initial cost of investment is needed for the manufacture of kumbung, the costs required to manufacture simple kumbung measuring 6m x 8 m ranges from Rp. 8 million - Rp. 10 million. The size can accommodate 10,000 baglog mushroom. And kumbung can last up to 5 years of age.
Assumptions 3000 baglog mushroom cultivation, so it does not directly correspond 10,000 baglog kumbung capacity, as prior learning.Prices for 3000 baglog is 3000 x Rp. 1.500, - = Rp. 4.500.000, -We consider the production period is for 2 (two) months or 60 days, meaning that after the expiration of 60 days the fungus did not produce themselves.So it can be done in 1 month 2 times plucking every 2 weeks.So that could be done in 2 months 4 times plucking.
Perbaglog production results for the 2 months = 4 times picking x 1 oz = 4 oz.
By 3000 the number baglog cultivation, can be produced in 2 months = 3000 x 4 oz = 12000 ounces.Or equal to 1200 kg or 1.2 tonnes
Estimated average production per day = 1200 kg: 60 days = 20 kg.
With a selling price in the location of Rp. 7000, -/kg to wet mushroom. Judi Poker Online dan Domino Kiu Kiu Uang Asli Indonesia Advantage can be obtained as follows. :
Sale price = 1200 kg x Rp. 7000, - = Rp. 8,400,000, -

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