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The procurement growing media

The procurement growing media

Planting media is to support the growth of plant roots. Of this growing media in the form of food plants absorb nutrients through their roots. Planting medium used was a mixture of soil, compost, and chaff in the ratio 1:1:1. After all collected materials, mixing until evenly done. Land with koloidnya nature has the ability to bind nutrients, and nutrients through the water can be absorbed by plant roots with the principle of cation exchange. Husk serves to hold water in the soil compost while ensuring availability of essential materials that will be elaborated into nutrients that plants need.

Growing media mixture is then inserted into the bamboo until full. To make sure there is no empty space, can be used small bamboo or wood to push the soil up to the base of the container (the last segment). Bamboo planting medium in the not too densely arranged so tha
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Preparation of seedlings and planting

Before planning to make a vertical container, first prepare a number of plant seeds, when the plants have reached the age ready to be moved, there are basically three stages in this process, namely the nursery, removal, and planting. As with any plant, sow seeds also require containers and growing media. The container can be anything along the planting medium can be filled as needed and have holes in the bottom to remove excess water. Nursery uses a special container called a nursery seed tray with a number of holes 128 pieces (another tray number and size of the hole varies). Persemain can also use a medium sized pot and a former pastry. As for the media cropping is the planting medium from the finished product that is organic.

If using a tray, the number of seeds that can be planted has been measured for every hole filled with a seed (though it can also be filled 2 or 3). If using another container, the number of seeds that can be planted adjusted to the size of the container, in this case the spacing of seeds arranged in such a way so as not touching each other. Two-three weeks after seeding the seeds had germinated and took out 3-4 leaves. Ideally, the seeds that have grown leaves numbered 4-5 strands Transplanting is feasible.

Seeds of plants are transferred to containers vertukultur are older than one month, the leaves had already increased. Because it has a total of 20 holes planting of two bamboo sticks, then simply free to choose the best 20 seeds. Before the seeds are planted in a bamboo container, pour water prior to its natural until saturated, characterized by dribbling water out of the planting holes. After enough, just started planting the seeds one by one. All the roots of each seedling should go into the ground. Each type seedlings (red peppers and tomatoes) are grouped

plant maintenance

Plants also require maintenance, as well as other living creatures. Plants require attention and affection. In addition to watering is done every day also need fertilizing, and pest control.

We recommend the use of fertilizer is organic fertilizer eg compost, manure or fertilizer bokashi. It is recommended that fruit vegetables such as peppers, tomatoes do not easily fall KCL should add a teaspoon or tablespoon depending on the size of the tree. Giving KCL every 5 to 6 months. In urban areas, manure or compost are expensive. Kitchen waste or dried leaves can be used for the manufacture of bokashi fertilizer. Bokashi fertilizer is a fermented organic material (straw, organic waste, manure, etc.) with EM technology that can
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