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Plants grown in soil with regards height of 225-450

Plants grown in soil with regards height of 225-450 meters above sea level with rainfall of 3000-4000 mm / year in the black latosol types. Fertilization is done by adding sufficient manure when planting. To add to the leaves, the addition of NPK fertilizer.
Agen Bola Indonesia Pemanenen greetings done by plucking the leaves that have dark green. The leaves trimmed randomly on the branches. After the leaves obtained from the branches, the leaves withered by way spread on the floor at a temperature of ± 27 ° C with an intensive three-day reversal. To obtain further volatile oil distilled with botanicals greeting, water filter and steam for 10 hours.
Bay leaf extract 3x250 mg / day showed a tendency to decrease fasting blood sugar levels and 2 hours after meals, especially on blood sugar levels below 200 mg / dL, although the difference was not statistically significant.
Ways of making drug use bay leaves As per request, here are other benefits to health, of Leaves and Fruit Greeting than as a food seasoning and Uric Acid drug. Taken from various sources

Agen Bola Tangkas Diarrhea Drug Wash 15 fresh bay leaves till clean. Add 2 cups of water, then boiled until boiling (for 15 minutes). Furthermore, insert a bit of salt. Once cool, strain and filter drinking water well
Drugs Diabetes / Diabetes Mellitus Wash fresh bay leaves 7-15, lau boiled in 3 cups water 1 cup samapai remaining. Once cool, strain and filter drinking water well before eating. Perform 2 times a day.
Lowering high blood cholesterol levels Wash 10-15g of fresh leaves thoroughly, then boiled in 3 cups water until remaining 1 glass. Once cool, strain and filter drinking water well at night. Perform this treatment every day.
Recipe 2: 7 fresh bay leaves + 30 g of fresh leaves boiled with aor ceremai to the remaining 600cc 300CC. Strain and drink while warm, morning and afternoon masing2 150CC

Roller BlindsGastric inflammatory drugs: 30g + 30g fresh greeting dried bitter leaves boiled with water until the remaining 300cc 600cc water, strain, add rock sugar, drink while warm masing2 150cc, drink morning and evening.

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